Volum' Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara

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Tiana L.
Best drug store mascara ever!

<<I love this drug store mascara! It is the best one out there! -It doesn't come off and flake. -Makes your lashes super long and full. -Waterproof but oil based makeup removers take it off well. <<Price: under $10 <<Can find: all drug stores, ulta, and many other places!

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Tsai-ann H.
It's great but......

This is a lot of stress to take off the eyelashes. I had to wash my face 3 times before all of it was gone. Apart from all of this it is still a great mascara.

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yuginn l.

this mascara is my absolute favorite mascara for my short, stubby lashes. it provides length and volume and I haven't found a better mascara! literally my holy grail mascara. I don't have problems with flaking or smudging so that's a plus! and because the formula is waterproof, it holds my curls very well.

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Amy R.

This is an amazing mascara. It gives my lashes definition, length and curls them. I would defiantly buy this again. And it's part of my everyday makeup and I don't know what I would do with out it

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Levie A.
Sooo gooooddd

This is the only mascara that i actually use it amazing! Lengthening and volumizing! Also it holds my curls! Someone actually asked me if i was wearing false lashes! This is a holy grail product like seriously

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Heather O.

I have bought this so many times! The brush curls, it is voluminous and non clumpy. It also does not make my eyes water like crazy!! Buy this!! It is creamy, smooth and it drys fast on lashes, and comes off eyelids easy!

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Lexii S.

One of my favourite mascaras from the drug-store! I get great volume and a very dramatic look without any false lashes needed. It was so great I even recommended it to my mom, how loves it just as much as me. Definitely a great mascara for those on a budget!

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Jasmin C.

Favorite mascara hands down! Never fails on me and gives me both the length and volume that i want. I always use waterproof mascara so of coarse no runny mascara for me! (:

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Jessica W.
Love it

Stays on and doesn't flake. Makes my lashes look super long and full. Waterproof but it's easy to take off with some makeup remover. Less than $10 at a drug store.

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Stephanie C.
Mascara on a Budget!

Great mascara if your on a budget. The wand is curved which helps with volume and length. Make sure when applying this mascara you repeat application several times to build the look you desire for a better result.

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