Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

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Lilly K.

It's so moisturing and feels so smooth and amazing on lips, lasts long and smells great too! The best tinted lips treatment I've ever tried! Your lips will feel amazingly smooth after applying it.Totally worth it <3

Mica S.

great investment! I use it every night and my lips still have moisture for lipstick application the next day! I only have the mini size from the Sephora birthday gift sample and I've been using it for almost 2 years! it's well worth it and sexy for a natural look. I'm going to soon get the whole gift set of all the scents 💋

Diane K.
Really good

I got this as a gift and i really like it! I have terrible lips since i always pick at them which makes it worse and worse but this has REALLY helped! I almost wanted to turn to prescriptions (i know everyone says this but seriously!) so im really glad i found this. Use it carefully though because it CAN turn gloopy but if it does, just sticm it in the fridge for a few! I knoe its pricey but please please please give it a try!!

Cecil Y.
Best ever

This pretty little lip treatment is amazing! I got mine like most of us from sephora as a birthday gift but this is definately a product that I will purchase again. The rose tint is so subtle but perfect for everyday looks and it leaves your lips sooo.... KISSABLE! Lol

Kristen T.
Moisturizing and Great Color!

I'm a big fan of lipstick, so my lips can get quite dry sometimes, but this stuff works wonders. I always get compliments on the shade when I wear it. Highly recommended!

Pucchin P.

I seriously keep the sugar lip treatment one in all of my purses because I would hate to forget it when I go out :D I keep this lovely tinted one in my makeup bag because the hint of color is so pretty and it is so smooth and moisturizing! I no longer have to use lipbalm first before putting on lipstick--This pretty little thing does the job :D

Autum D.

I love this!!! I hate lipglosses and lipsticks, to I pretty much stick to lipbalms and chapsticks. I have never had a chapstick that lasted as long as this one. Normally I have to reapply frequently with others, but this one you only really have to reapply if you've just been eating or drinking, and even then it's still kind of there. My lips are very pale, and I love the color it gives my lips, its very pretty and natural looking. It really moisturized and hydrates. The only thing thats a little weird is that it kind of smells like pine sol, lol... its not a horrible smell and you get past it, its just a little weird at first. This is by far my favorite lip product ever and I can't wait to buy again! :)

Porsche M.

I'm an avid lover and user of chapsticks, balms, treatments, etc. I have a drawer full and can never find the perfect one - hence me always trying something new. Well, two weeks ago I finally used my points in Sephora to "buy" the trio they were offering. It has a great smell, leaves your lips with a perfect tint (almost like you played in the snow), and keeps lips smooth. The packaging is adorable, much better than how must lip balms are packaged. The one thing I did not like is that it is TOO soft and easily breaks - I broke part of it already and am sad. Other than that, I would use it again but I would use my points to buy it.

Nadia N.
Good stuff

I like this since it hydrates and I use this precurser to putting on my lipstick, since it has an SPF of 15. My lips do feel good with this on it. I also have you used this as the only thing when I have a bold eye look on in the day. The price is a little steep for this at $22 but I have a sample from sephora which has lasted me a good long while.

Mindy R.
Expensive but good.

Yeah, spending $22 on a lip balm is pretty crazy, but this stuff is wonderful! My lips get terribly chapped all year round and this is the only lip treatment I've tried that actually moisturizes and keeps my lips soft. I like to use it at night, I wake up with soft lips and can wear any lipstick I want without them looking dry and flaky underneath. So I will definitely re purchase. Even though it's expensive it gives me the results I want.