Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15


Sue Y.
Use more for color tint than true moisture

This product makes my sensitive lips peel. I love the slight tinge of color it imparts, tho and like I for that, but I cannot use this as a simple balm. It is not hydrating enough and seems to have the opposite effect of what it is supposed to do.

Lara R.

Mosturizer but it is almost transluscent, you can barely see that red hint of color (or maybe my natural color is too similar?). It is long lasting, so it's great to apply before lipstick

Lilly K.

It's so moisturing and feels so smooth and amazing on lips, lasts long and smells great too! The best tinted lips treatment I've ever tried! Your lips will feel amazingly smooth after applying it.Totally worth it <3

Mica S.

great investment! I use it every night and my lips still have moisture for lipstick application the next day! I only have the mini size from the Sephora birthday gift sample and I've been using it for almost 2 years! it's well worth it and sexy for a natural look. I'm going to soon get the whole gift set of all the scents 💋

Katie C.

I don't get the hype. I was so excited to try this but it was huge let down!

My lips aren't that pigmented, but I saw almost no tint. I didn't find this moisturizing in the least. It made my lips wrinkly.

I don't recommend this at all.

Diane K.
Really good

I got this as a gift and i really like it! I have terrible lips since i always pick at them which makes it worse and worse but this has REALLY helped! I almost wanted to turn to prescriptions (i know everyone says this but seriously!) so im really glad i found this. Use it carefully though because it CAN turn gloopy but if it does, just sticm it in the fridge for a few! I knoe its pricey but please please please give it a try!!

Marie-Claire M.
Perfect color!

I have been searching for this sheer pinky goodness for a while now. I love that it gives a subtle tint as well as a moisturizing veil to the lip. Will repurchase... Sooner than I wish because it wears down so easily..

Cecil Y.
Best ever

This pretty little lip treatment is amazing! I got mine like most of us from sephora as a birthday gift but this is definately a product that I will purchase again. The rose tint is so subtle but perfect for everyday looks and it leaves your lips sooo.... KISSABLE! Lol

Kristen T.
Moisturizing and Great Color!

I'm a big fan of lipstick, so my lips can get quite dry sometimes, but this stuff works wonders. I always get compliments on the shade when I wear it. Highly recommended!

Krystal B.
Birthday gift from Sephora

I recieved FRESH tinted Sugar lip treatment SPF 15 as a birthday gift from sephora. I instantly fell in love with the sugary lemon scent. I noticed the rose tint glides on very sheer on my lips, which is great to wear as part of my daily makeup routine. Overall, I would recommend this lip treatment, and I would definitely re-purchase.