Purity Made Simple


Jessica V.
pleasant enough

I got this in my birch box and am pleased enough with it. It's very light and smells nice and rinses off easily. I like the small size as I'm going on vacation soon and this is such a non-drying every day cleanser.

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Jennifer D.

This is my new addiction. This cleanser does what it says. It is so pure, dissolves my make up gently and even my eye make up, it doesn't even sting my eyes. It makes my face feel dewy fresh after. I have also wanted to know why there were such good reviews so I tried it for myself and I'm in love. I highly recommend this product. Leave it on as directed then rinse you can also use it with your clarasonic, i just used my finger tips and gently cleansed to put it to the test. No tugging, even my mascara make up came of in such a breeze. It truly is all in one. Now you don't even have to buy eye make up remover because this takes it off gently . I was so surprised. Now I'm addicted! I got to have one. I plan on purchasing a large bottle for my me and for my family to try. I like the fact that it doesn't sting the eye and make up simple melts away I don't even haave to scrub it out. I LOVE IT. YOU WILL TOO. It is WORTH IT!!!

Jillian S.
Best For Getting Off Makeup

I have very acne prone skin so using this simply as a face wash doesn't tend to work for me. Purity has natural oils in it that are great for moisturizing and even better for breaking down hard-to-remove makeup, which is why I love it so much. Whenever my skin isn't acting up, I love using this alone. It leaves my skin feeling really soft, hydrates, and not stripped like some of my other acne preventing cleansers do.

Chevon H.
pretty darn good.

this was sent to me in my birchbox a few months ago. and i've used it on and off since then. honestly i'm soooo bad at taking care of my skin. i work late nights and have a terrible, terrible habit of not washing my face before bed. this comes in so handy because i don't have to remove all of my makeup and THEN cleanse it. it does both jobs at onces. the creamy formula feels like heaven. no weird eyes burning. only drawback is the price. i might just get a big bottle and only use it at night and use something else in the morning...good stuff.

Melanie G.
too perfumed

This isn't really a bad cleanser. It did a pretty good job at removing makeup and didn't leave my skin dry at all. However, I find that it contains way too much fragrance! Fragrance can be irritating to skin, so putting something on your face that has so much fragrance in it irritate sensitive skin. I felt like I was rubbing a flowery perfume all over my face. Besides that, its a pretty decent cleanser...although not worth all the hype it is getting in my opinion.