Lights, Camera, Lashes!


Kenna  S.
Love love lashes!

This product barely clumps at all, has great black pigmentation, and the packaging is adorable! This product is definitely one I'll be purchasing when I run out of this one I was given to review. I love it! Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Lindsay B.
No thanks.

Got this on a whim, and am disappointed. Makes me have spider lashes and my brush is crooked. When I put it on it goes everywhere, including my eyelids. I've never had such a problem with mascara before.

Kirsty C.

I la La LOVE this stuff! Glides on clump free. Thickens and lengthens. I found it took well to extra coats as well! I would tell the whole world to get this! I love Tarte products in general but this is a win!

Karli G.
I love it!

Its extremely volumizing and lengthening. I think its the best I've tried. It doesn't seem to get clumsy unless I overdo it. In that case I just declump my lashes and go. I love everything about it. the wand is definitely a good one too. and the case is very chic.

Julianne J.
Must have gotten a dud!

I got this on my second ever trip to Ulta. All the girls there suggested I get this- my original choice was They're Real. Let's just say I should have stuck to my original choice. Did I get a dud? Probably, since almost everyone on the planet seems to LOVE this mascara! Mine was definitely dried out. As soon as I got back to my motel room (on a mini trip) I tried it on and was so incredibly disappointed by what I spied. It was sticky, clumpy, kinda dry and gave me spider lashes. Ugh! Instead of trying to make something work that I know I wouldn't want to use (and waste a good chunk of change) I went back the next morning and returned it, swapping it for my original choice, which is MUCH better. I'd only reconsider buying it again with the hopes I got a crusty, defected mascara the first time. It's one redeeming feature was it gave some volume and a lot of length, without a curler. In general, some of my faves have been Rimmel London, Benefit and Estee Lauder.

Brittani Y.

I'll tell you! I never I mean never buy mascaras like this because I shy away from the tiny bristles of the wand, but this mascara here is great. I don't know if it's the formula or just the type of wand but I absolutely love it. Gives great length, but one thing I would like is a little more color. Great for lengthening not so much definition, but I use other mascaras with this one and it's perfect.

Nicole A.

I have yet to find my hg of mascara, so I'm always trying all the new ones that come out. I feel this mascara is not a dark enough shade of black for me it's almost as if it's more of a charcoal Gray. Not to mention very flakey and dry):

Emma B.
My Go-To!!!

I am completely obsessed with this mascara. I never have problems with smudges or flakes with this mascara. The price can drive people away at $20 I believe but I will repurchase. I am a huge mascara person and this gives me great volume with 2 coats. Definitely recommend!

Suzanne M.
My favorite mascara

I use this every time I put mascara on. The brush is perfect for getting volume with no clumping, even with multiple coats. Not sure on the whole curling thing, but my lashes are almost impossible to get to stay curled so I don't hold it against them! Even with a lash curler they are pretty much straight within the hour. Everything else, it's perfect.

Jes T.

I've used this stuff for about 5 months, gone through 2 bottles so far, and I'm in love. <3 Very dramatic lashes. Makes you feel very glamorous :D It crumples throughout the day though, leaving little black specks under your eyes. But it never needs reapplication because it stays on all day, so its worth it.:-) The bottle dries out quickly though :(