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Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

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Nadia N.

I love this lip color and it's very moisturizing. They are very creamy and easy to supply. They are very pigmented and have a great array of colors. You do have to sharpen these. They are very glossy which I like.

Tanja M.

Very pigmented. I wouldn't call this lip gloss at all. It's very creamy lipstick, with noticable shine at first but as it dries it leaves your lips more matte, which I think it's great(just a personal preference). It slides on your lips so easy but if you have dry lips, you better exfoliate them and take care of them cause this will show all your flakes. It lasts long, the formula is great, the color is vibrant. I don't have any bad words for this product. Buuut, you will need a large sharpener for this so if you're not into that kind of stuff, it could be a problem for you.

Lexa D.

This was just the shade of pink I was looking for! And the best part is that it's long-lasting and has a glossy look, even though it doesn't feel like a gloss. I definitely plan on buying more after this one runs out!

Melissa M.

I love these super saturated high gloss lip colours and I think that the mix between lip gloss and lip stick is a great time saver. I really think everyone should have at least one of these products.

Deanna P.
Perfect color, perfect last!

This color is gorgeous any time of year so its great every day too. I use it quite often and it lasts pretty long. The color isnt a hassle to re-apply cuz its so light. Its a great shade on my skin (light olive). I would suggest it for anyone.

Lavinia O.

This is my favorite lip gloss EVER (my only wish is for more shades)!! I bought this in shade "Big Bang" which looks amazing! It's highly pigmented, long lasting, glossy, shimmery, gorgeousness!

Victoria D.
Love this!

Generally speaking, I'm extremely intimidated by lipsticks. However, if you put it in a pencil form, I seem to be able to handle it xD This pencil glides on so smoothly, and the pencil makes application fool-proof. This is what I keep in my purse for when I'm on the run and just need something. Love Child is a perfect soft pink thats universally flattering. It doesn't dry my lips out like crazy, and it doesn't need a lip liner because it stays put all by itself! I also like that this product doesn't have any noticeable smell or taste. The generic cheap lipstick smell and taste sickens me! But this is odor free, it's the perfect lip pencil for me!

Kristina H.
Absolutely stunning

I can't believe how awesome this product is. I ordered it awhile ago and started using it recently and it is super pigmented and glides on beautifully. It doesn't slip or slide like I thought it might and it leaves a luster like finish on the lips. I can't wait to get these in more shades. I truly hope this is a product that UD keeps in their line and continues to expand on!

Courtney B.
Unique Color, Unique Product

First of all, I have to say that I was more than a bit skeptical about purchasing a bright orange lip color. But I was shopping with a friend and mentioned that I had seen someone with an orange lip at work and it looked gorgeous; she berated me into trying this on. Both she and the associate at Sephora told me it looked amazing on, so I bought it figuring that I could always return it if I really hated it. But I love it! This is my go-to product/color for when I'm wanting something rather "out there" that still looks good on me. The product itself is great. It goes on very smoothly and opaquely. I can just put on one layer of this and be done. Since it's a pencil, I don't have to worry about my lipline getting all wonky (which is good, since it'd be pretty noticeable) but the size of the pencil is big enough so I don't have to go over my lip a million times. I also got about 5 or so wears out of it before I really had to sharpen, so you don't have to worry about bringing a sharpener with you. I work retail, so I'm constantly talking; I really look for staying power in my lip products. This stayed with me for about 4-5 hours, which I think is pretty good for a lipstick-esque product. Also, as this wore off, it faded pretty evenly and nicely, so I didn't look completely horrible. My only real caveat about using this product on a daily basis is the color range-- most of these colors are very dramatic, and every one that I've swatched has glitter. Not crazy, I-can't-wear-this glitter, but glitter nonetheless. I don't work in a conservative place by any means, but I don't want to wear something that I would consider to be outrageous every day. Also, these are kinda pricey. I believe I paid $20 for mine. Since I haven't found another comparable product at any price point, let alone cheaper, I'll be repurchasing Punch Drunk just for the color. I won't be picking up any others as long as they are that much.

Pros: Punch Drunk is a wholly unique, beautiful color Easy application Good staying power Fades nicely

Cons: Shades are mostly on the wild side Glittery Pricy

Jennifer D.
really pigmented nice

I get a lot of compliments with this lip pencil stick. It really is pigmented, the color is fabulous and it really feels good putting on. It's just the right amount of moisture and matte mixed in. I really like the long lasting feel and that it doesn't feel cakey. I would like to try the other colors as well. I have the color in crush.