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can't beat the price of this

I got this with the first edition. this has a lot of warmer tones and is more wearable for a lot of people like I said in the first edition review the mattes can be a bit tricky to work with but it is well worth finding some tricks to get such a great array of colors.

for the price you can't go wrong

the frosts are great. the shimmer-mattes are great. the mattes are a bit hard to work with but if you use a base and something akin to the nyx milk jumbo pencil you will get beautiful color payoff.

it is ok for a few hours

I used to use this before i started using primer potion. I have tested it and primer potion lasts much longer. I have creasing (I do have oilier lids) within about 4 hours, not noticable to other people but it is to me.

love the colors

they have lots of fun colors. I own probably 7-8 of them I think. some of their color have to have top coats or they peel right off. Their glitters seem to be better quality. they normally need 3 coats if they are non-glitters and can take a bit to dry.

not for smaller eyes

I have smaller eyes and shorter lashes. I would have to open my eye as wide as it would go and I would still get mascara all over my lids thus destroying my makeup. I gave it to a doe- eyed friend of mine and she likes it a lot.

I use this all the time. I even apply my blush with it. I have had it for over 2 years and clean it frequently and it still works great. a very good quality brush.

I can't live without it

the tag says it all. I wear no other powder. It feels so silky on the skin. I also like that it diffuses your blush and bronzer a hint so you get a nice natural look.

don't waste your time

I bought this half off just to give it a whirl and it was horrible. the wand is ok but after I applied the mascara was still wet a full 2 minutes later so I had to remove the whole look since it got all over my lower and upper lashline.

lasts all day

this is a nice deep black that once it sets is not going anywhere. the brush it comes with isn't the greatest but for the price this is a good thing to have.

smooth soft awesome shadows!

I can't rave enough about these. I have 3 of them and I need the fourth. the matte base and highlight colors in each set are worth the price and more.

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