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my go to cheapo foundation

I love the color and the amount of colors to match from. I wear it probably 2-3 times a week which for me it a lot. I DO have to wear pretty heavy lotion below it or i look dry and patchy. moisturize a lot before applying if you have a tendency to get dry.

perfect red for my skin tone

I was searching for a vintage red. this is it! I am pale and cool toned and the color was a great brownish red with not even a hint of orange.

not for the small eyed girl

I have tiny eyes. I had to open my eye as wide as it would go to fit the barrel since it is LARGE. I was never able to apply it without smudging it everywhere.

It's pretty good

I have been using it about 3 months and I have only hand it crease on me a handful of times and that is when I wore it all day long and was sweaty and such.

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