De-Crease Eye Shadow Base


Sarah B.

This is amazing. I use it everyday and it keeps my eye makeup flawless and makes the eyeshadow go on smoothly I love love it.

Nadine S.
Never again :(

During my search for an eyeshadow base, I came across this in the beauty isle. Too excited I picked it up and bought it. I tried it and applied my eyeshadow, but omg no way...I was extremely disappointed and this product didnt work for me at all. This wont keep shadows vibrant and wears off really quickly..please do not waste your money.

Tracyanna L.
Worst Eyeshadow Base

Unfortunately, this product really doesn't work for me. For all of the eyeshadow bases out there, this one is terrible. I will give it credit in the fact that it does make your colors pop! That's for sure. It's a drugstore product and very affordable. However, as I'm sure people have mentioned, it goes on cakey and it dries very fast. So you don't have much time to blend it out on your lid. It starts tearing away and looks terrible under your eyeshadow if you're putting too much pressure on the lid (which believe me, it doesn't take much). I never had a problem with creasing though. NYX is a drugstore brand and their eyeshadow bases are way better. So you definitely do not need to spend alot of money to get a good one.

Kamaile R.

I really wanted to like this product, but I have better luck not using an eyeshadow primer at all! I really dislike this product :( It goes on thick and leaves my eyes looking cakey :/

Storm G.
Pretty Good for being Drug Store

Over all this is an ok primer and is pretty good for being a drug store product. Eyeshadow does not crease when this is on. The downside is that it doesn't strengthen the color like other primers do.

Sydney C.

I bought this after running out of my Too Faced Shadow Insurance and after using it for about two months I think I can safely say that it is a really good drugstore primer. I mean it's no Too Faced but it does the job and keeps shadows from creasing so ima fan.

Nadia N.

This is a good primer on a budget but the packaging kind of stinks. It does a pretty good job of keeping the eyeshadow from creasing. The other minus is that the product did dry up fast inside I wonder if it again comes back to the packaging.

Rachel M.

Meh, this is okay, at best. There are much better eyeshadow primers out there. I bought this because I was totally out of primer and this was right there at WalMart. I caved in and bought it, and until I could get a better one this one was alright. Does crease after a while, and it dries up pretty quickly. Crappy packaging like Urban Decay, too.

Damary M.
Great Product with one MAJOR packaging flaw

De-Crease is my 1st eyeshadow primer and I thought it was pretty good. I wore this for no more than 9 hours on very hot humid days and I did see slight creasing to it. It is true to it's description. On cooler days, I did see it last longer though. Because the primer has a slight light tint to it, I was able to cover up most of the redness on my top lip. It gave me a nice clean "canvas" to work with. Unfortunately, with De-Crease's light slightly opaque finish, I don't recommend this primer for people with deep skin tones. It will appear chalky. :-\ The convenience of it being sold at drugstores is a plus because eyeshadow primers are rarely sold there. As for the price, some have said it's a little pricey. Mine was around $8.00 at Rite-Aid. If you have manufacturer coupons or even reward deals at the drugstore, you can certainly bring down the price. There's an issue getting every last bit of product though. The shape of the container and brush doesn't allow full access to all of the primer. With very little product being offered to begin with, it's definitely disappointing.

Carina L.
Wish it was cheaper...

This is the 1st eye shadow base I have bought and I bought it because I didn't have any and I'm tired of my eye shadows not looking as bright as they want them to be. Honestly they this didn't make much difference and I actually like to wear it alone on my eye lid better. It dries very quickly and you need to put a lot in your lid for it to evenly spread in your whole eye. For the price I don't recommend it. I bought it base on reviews but as everything, it might work for you and not for someone else. Find a cheaper alternative or invest in a high end eyeshadow base.