Beauty Product Reviews

..... I am 50/50

Mine grew mold after having it for a bout a month and so I had to throw it out. It was a cute looking Chapstick. It didn't really help to me it just looked and tasted nice.

Like it

It is really good and I love it for during the summer. I really love that it has an SPF and I really love having healthy skin and that is just one of the benefits of this BB cream!


It does an awesome job at doing eyelashes!! I tell you what it is worth trying. I had people tell me how amazing this product is and I can only agree. You should give it a try and I can almost bet you will love this. The brush is amazing!


I really love this!! It is amazing and it does really good at making your eyes pop! It was cheap but has amazing quality! The brushes are really good to, the ones that come with the product!


I got this one day because I love covergirl foundations, so I thought why not try it. NEVER AGAIN. Total waste of 5 dollars. The smell was the worst thing ever, I mean, bad!!!! It didn't really do anything for me but clump, I threw it out! WORST PRODUCT EVER!!


I will and have not re purchased this. I don't like it because it didn't really do anything. Not good coverage. It was good with clumps, but just not great. Its good after a few applications, but just not something I must have!

Must Have

This is one of my must-haves! This is one of my favorite products because it made my eyes pop!! I mean it looked amazing and I was really happy with how it went on!

Like it!

I got this because I hated most of the bottles that other liquid eyeliner was kept in. I really loved this, and the applicator on it, is amazing. It is really good quality, and I bought it with the matching eye shadow and they just balanced each other out so well, I love it!

Mango One!!

I love the mango one it left my lips feeling soft. I love the smell and taste, it is amazing. I have had people comment about what smells like mango! They were shocked and they loved it when they purchased it!


One dollar quality. I bought this off of, that is an online makeup and a lot of ect.! I knew that the quality wasn't going to be like a $20 brush! It is super soft and I liked the coverage, it wasn't like you got smacked in the face, it was light and subtle, like I like it. Remember people it is a dollar!!

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