LashBlast Clump Crusher

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Victoria D.
Absolutely will repurchase!

I was looking into higher end mascaras for a while, pretty unsuccessfully. I took a trip to the drugstore and spotted this guy, and decided to give it a go, since I hadn't found anything high end that was amazing. Holy amazing. This mascara is everything I was ever looking for! It adds length and volume to my lashes, and absolutely does not clump on me. The only thing, I wish it gave me a LITTLE more volume, but, thats nothing a second coat doesn't fix! I will definitely, absolutely repurchase and recommend this mascara!

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Meghan S.
HG mascara for sure

I seriously love this stuff. I was pretty skeptical that it would live up to the hype, but it definitely is— it does NOT clump! It definitely takes 2 or 3 coats to get good volume, but since it doesn't clump, that's no problem ;) I recommend this to anyone who asks. I've been told I look like I'm wearing falsies, my lashes are so perfect with this on. I also didn't find the brush overly tricky to work with, but that's just me... I try to work with anything :)

Totally worth the price and will re-buy!

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Ally T.

I have short eyelashes and when I started to use this it made my eye pop up and my eyelashes looks natural. I recommend this for school cause it looks natural. :) recommend

Massiell C.
The HOLY GRAIL mascara ???? ...

Holy crap nuggets this mascara is awesome. With just 2 coats you have nice, non clumped, non flaky, soft lashes that look like falsies! Definitely one of the top 5 drugstore mascaras ever!

Sincerely P.
love this!!!

this is by far the BEST product ever for my lashes!!! it makes them look fuller and long and very bold when applying 2-3 coats! I fell in love with this mascara after seeing one of my favorite youtube girl's, Ciaoobelllaxo, always using this mascara!

I bought a 3 pack from Costco and I keep repurchasing this all the time!!!!

Meg V.
Best Mascara Yet

Since being told to try this mascara by a friend, I've totally fallen in love with it! It doesn't clump and it comes off easily if you get some on your skin when you're putting in on. The only thing I don't like about this product is the waterproof version of this mascara, it DOES clump even though it says it won't. The non-waterproof version is the best.

Amelia R.

This mascara is amazing! I use it everyday and no clumps, just lengthened lashes! This has to be my all time favorite mascara! I love putting my Sephora mascara on and then this on because my sephora one leaves clumps, but then they go away and I get volume from my other one and length from this one! Fantastic job cover girl!

Regan H.
The Best Mascara

This is definitely the best mascara I have ever used. It doesn't clump up and it looks great. It's my new favorite and I'm definitely buying more. Definitely worth the price!

Heath A.
Best Mascara Ever

After years of searching for the best mascara (and usually using two to get the effect I desired) I found this HG mascara! I was on the subway one morning and this girl whipped it out and started using it on herself... it took her small lashes and made them so va-va-voom that as soon as I got off at my stop I went to drugstore and bought it. Haven't been the least bit disappointed. It lengthens, curls, and volumizes. (I use the water resistant and it also stays on all day and washes off easily.) This mascara is a dream.

Penny P.
Great for Length

I use this mascara to lengthen my lashes, than a second mascara to add impact. It's great for lengthening but not so much for volume. It's not flakey and stays on all day at school! <3