Dream Fresh BB Cream

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Ioanna  M.

I like this product so much. Easy to use and apply last all day good coverage and suits my skin tone. Feels light weight and isn't Cakey! I would deffenitly recommend this to a friend as it's something I would use on a daily basis

Ariana G.
Awful Look

When first dispensing the product, it comes out very liquidy and thin. When I applied it to my face with my fingers it did absoluetly nothing to cover or even out my skin. Its so unbelievably sheer! It also made my skin very shiny and gave my skin a very gross textue, like it was covered in dirt. It smells gross, like a dirty smell. The color was too light in the one I had purchased which was dissapointing, because theres no way I could wear it in public anyways. Only good thing is that it has SPF 30.

Jessi W.
Oh oh oh it's magic⭐️

I love this stuff so much. I have very oily skin and it doesn't make me break out. It's very light on the skin and gives great coverage. I still have the first one I got, which I got it awhile ago. I use tiny amounts which is enough to cover the whole face. I love this BB cream!

Olivia K.
Like it

It is really good and I love it for during the summer. I really love that it has an SPF and I really love having healthy skin and that is just one of the benefits of this BB cream!

Amal I.

I like this product because it's very thin and no to cakey. I hate it because when you layer it it becomes very uneven and doesn't dry well. To get the best use of this product only use a little and use with a beauty blender, your going to get a light coverage and it's better for lighter skin. When I went to get mine I got it for 6.99 via wallmart and their weren't many dark shades

Alicia O.
Perfect for light wear

This product DOES NOT give amazing coverage, but it does cover up most of my redness and covers up my acne scars. It does melt off your face for a while, but it's worth the feeling that there's nothing on your skin after you apply it. The smell is like a lotion, so it's nor unpleasant but not something I want to smell all the time. Luckily the smell fades away after a while. I recommend this to people who don't need that much coverage and don't want to feel like they're wearing makeup.

Keli J.
Not something I would recommend for women of color..

It works okay as a moisturizer.. But not just by it self simply because it leaves an ashy look to the face.. I even tried using a shade darker and it still left a white shadow on my face..

Olivia K.
I really love this product! I have it a 3 because it is very liquidish! But it goes on well and light!
Photo of product included with review by Olivia K.

Like I said I love this product! It is one of my emptys because I use it! I use it more in the summer because it has an SPF of 30 and that is a lot for a bb cream!

Ella B.
I Like it for the price

Before purchasing this product I read tons of reviews. consumers say its not good for those with oily skin, however, I beg to differ. if you use a good oil free moisturizer along with a "matte" primer underneath, it works wonders! I use MAC oil free moisturizer followed by MAC "matte" primer, and I love the end result. my skin looks and feels great! the product stays out on my face, doesn't make me shiny, oily nor greasy looking. I only blot once during the day by using MAC "blot med" pressed powder translucent in med and I'm good to go. it gives this nice dewy healthy glow:). You're not going to get full coverage with this cause its just a "tinted moisturizer" but if you add another layer after the first one sets, it will give you more coverage. I use this in a daily basis cause I don't want to use my MAC pressed powder as it costs so all in all, I'm happy with this product and I will repurchase. hope this helps anyone who reads this.

Odalis P.
Love it!

I have buying this product since 2012, have been using it ever since and I love it! I have oily skin with a bit of acne-prone skin, but it's not to the extreme and I have not had any issue with it. I think it's perfect coverage for my skin and for how I like it. Personally, I prefer a BB cream than a foundation, considering that my skin isn't that great right now. Foundation is too thick for my skin, where as a BB cream is light & perfect! :)