NYC New York Color

Long Wearing Nail Enamel


Nathalie F.

great array of very "in style" shades. I agree that with only one coat i end up with a very sheer color but two to three coats does the trick. Also, with a very good top coat these tend to last long enough.. I tend to change my nail color twice a week so i have never had a hard time with the longevity of this polish. Of course the formula doesn't compare to that of essie or opi but honestly for its price there shouldn't be much complaining. I have had a few shades of this polish through out the years but the one on my nails now is 116 broadway burgundy

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Tiffany F.

I really like NYC nail polish because I change mine so much, I really like paying less than $2 for a polish I'm going to take off the next day. I apply about 2 coats, and a top coat. Again I change it often, but it last.

Isabelina B.
AMAZING for the price!

I saw these for 84 cents at Target and what could I say? I couldn't resist. I got a black, pink, and tangerine creme finish, and a blue and purple frost finish. WOW. The black was nicer than the sephora by OPI one and was opaque after a couple of coats, the pink is bright and gorgeousand also opaque in 2 coats, and the tangerine color is my FAVORITE for summer and doesn't even need more than one coat for me. All of the creme finishes were very nice and I've worn them all at least twice. I loved the consistancy, not too thick but not watery. I can say, however, that none of them lasted me more that a couple of days, probably 3 at the most. I guess that if I had used a top coat it would have lasted longer. Next are the frost finishes. I got a blue that duochromed with green and a purple that duochromed with blue. These both look VERY nice in the sun and are really pretty. I haven't used the blue on all of my nails, just my ring finger accent nail, and it looked nice with a light-medium green shade. it did start to chip on the second day around the edges, but it was okay because I just repainted the 2 accent nails. The purple is really pretty! I can't tell you about the longwearing-ness of it because I removed it the next day and I only wore it once to the mall and a stranger complimented me on it. :) both of them are pretty sheer, and if you want legitimate opaque-ness, you need 3 or 4 coats. I didnt, though, because they look very nice when they're kind of sheer, especially over another color that it duo-chromes with. All in all, very nice colors, and I got all of these for well under 5 dollars! I would DEFINATELY reccomend it, and I think this line is comarable to opaque Essies.

Michelle v.
Great color, opaque, easy to apply, and very durable!
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What I love about NYC nail enamel is how great they are especially for the price. The color always comes out exactly the same as the bottle with only having to do a maximum of two coats. I never need to do more and a lot of times I only do one coat. That's because the colors are very opaque which is the number one thing I look for in nail polish. It's also very good formula and easy to work with. They're definitely something you should try out especially at their price!

Jennifer Z.
112 Times Square Tangerine Creme
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer Z.

I Love these nail polishes....their CHEAP (about a buck at walmart)... last a long time... they have great bright color selection. My current fav for summer is times square tangerine- its a creamy, glossy, nice bright coral-orangy color, the only thing I dont really like is that it is a bit runny but it dries quickly and it does last a while on your nails without chipping. They recently changed their packaging and it looks better then it did before (when the NYC logo was colorful, now its in black and simple...way better). On me they last about 2-3 weeks which is great, I use a seal top coat with them. I also own Fushia Shock 111 in the old packaging, Big Apple Red 131 in the old packaging, Charming Rose 126 in the old packaging)

Hannah K.
Love these:)

I have two of these polishes (Pinstripe White and Lavender Cupcake) and they do last a long time! I've had mine on for about a week and has had no chips in it whatsoever:) you do need 2 coats for a block colour, and I've had no problems with peeling polish like I do with other brands. Love them:)

Kandi L.

Great price, beautiful colors. The shades I have are French Tip White, Top Coat and Purple Pizzazz. Purple Pizzazz is my favorite color well I do love purple but it is like a shimmery purple. I purchased for Walmart like $2 not bad at all. You have to use more coats for the best results.

Carelen C.

Best shade is definitely Broadway Burgandy (the one pictured here). Good for if you like to change your color all the time, since they don't stay as long but are well pigmented

Ashley A.
not bad!

I have had this nail polish for over like, 2 years? i know thats not good but it still goes on and stays on! for the price, you cant ask for only one-coat quality but 1-2 coats and your good with this! love it!

Jennifer S.
Pretty good.

They usually cost less than $1 and they last for a few days. not a week, but more than just 1 or 2 days. unless you didn't use a top coat then it'll chip after a day or so. I did like these though. They werent too watery or too thick. Application was very easy as well.