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Kendra H.
Nope! I'll stick with my trusty elf!!!

In lieu if the elf liner no being restocked for a week at my local target; I picked up this product because it was in the same price point. I was extremely dissatisfied. The formula was really runny and it got all over. It did come out very pigmented but it in no way lasted as long as I needed it too; fading in only about an hour. I'll be sticking with my trusty elf liner and next time that runs out just buying a slightly more expensive product. I love NYC but this product was just a complete miss for me!

Ana B.
Decent liquid liner

Good black shade. Very easy to apply. Excellent brush makes it easy to choose your desired thickness. Formula isn't too bad either. If you wear it for a long time though it tends to flake off. This would probably be the best eyeliner for a beginner!

Belma R.
Good but some flaws

When I first bought this brand about a year ago, it came in a very thin brush and was easy to use! I recently bought it again, and the brush is impossibly thick! I am a fan of cat eyes, and the brush made it impossible to make them. It comes off easily, usually lasts all day if you don't rub your eyes, cry, or swear. Flakes off into my eyes occasionally and irritates them!

Alycia K.
seriously, get this!

I reaaaaally like this a lot!! it dries matte, which I love! it last me from day to night, its easy to apply and one tube will laste months even though I use it everyday!!! if u don't get this Ur really missing out!!!!

Jackie A.
Wing look

Dries fast, long wear and perfect for my winged eyeliner look. I love it and it's affordable. I get the eyeliner in black and it last me months at a time and I use it everyday.

Christine S.

I bought this because I ran out of my other liquid eyeliner, and I'm really not impressed. It flakes extremely easily, even if you don't rub your eyes! It smudges easily also because it takes forever to dry.

Sarah H.

I bought this because I went on vacation and forgot my regular liner. I gotta say, I don't really get all the hype. For the price, it's okay. I really don't like it though. It's incredibly thin and takes forever to dry! I find myself having to apply two or three coats to make it really opaque. The applicator gives very little control and isn't very good for winged eyeliner.

Carelen C.
HG Liquid Liner

I absolutely love liquid liner and what it does for my small eyes. This was actually the first liquid liner I ever bought and I learned how to do liquid with this product. That being said, I've bought so many other brands thinking that they have to be better than my cheap NYC liquid. I don't even know why I bother because I love this one so much and all others just pale in comparison. I can stop the search for my HG liquid liner because I've had it the whole time. Completely opaque, easy to use, never flakes on me, black as black can get, and it even stays on through sweat and tears.

Jessica R.
From skeptic to believer.

I was very hesitant to buy this liner because I bought another cheap, drugstore liner in the past & it was awful...but NYC had impressed me before, so I gave it a go. AND LOVED IT. The formula is so smooth and I absolutely love the applicator. I apply a black shadow over it to set it & my liner lasts all day, even through a 12-hour workday! And the price is what, like $3.00? Awesome buy.

Nadya S.
great one worth trying!

I love NYC liquid liner, its not only very inexpensive but also the quality is pretty good. It has felt tip applicator which make it easier to apply, very black and smudge proof. In my opinion it is comparable to Urban decay liquid liner (which is used to be my favorite) but of course NYC is much...better because of the price, who does not like a bargain! :)