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Raslaie M.
Amazing !

This is a very affordable product to use. The texture of the eyeliner when I apply it glides on easily, also it is great for the waterline. I believe pencil eyeliners are more sanitary to use because I can sharpen the eye pencil it defines my eye it compliments it as well : )

Great eyeliner it is one of my favorites

Tina Marie C.
A Staple In My Makeup Routine.

First, I wanted to point it out that ever since they changed their packaging I feel like the consistency is a lot more creamier now. I'm not exactly sure if it's because it's summertime and my pencils are melting (lol) but that's just what I noticed and I'm always sharpening them now. Unlike before the pencils were a lot harder and I wasn't running through the pencil as fast as i am now. But anyway...

I use this pencil in the color Taupe to fill in my eyebrows. It's been a staple product for me for years now and though the consistency is a little bit different in my opinion, I still like it for filling in my eyebrows. As far as eyeliner goes, I'm not sure how well it'll hold up but it does last all day on my eyebrows.

I had to knock off half a star because of the whole new consistency issue I had with it. It's not a huge deal for me but I prefer a harder texture than something creamy on my brows.

Elaina Y.

I got this pencil in Black to use as an eyeliner for both my top and lower lashes and on both the waterlines as well. This product was cheap! Just regular price of $1.99 and the pencil is extra long compared to your standard pencil liner. The eyeliner is quite creamy, but I find that the colour pigment just isn't dark enough for me. It comes out in kind of a grey rather than black. I like really dark liner for my upper lid. This does smudge well, but it also lasts the whole day on your eyelid. I don't like my waterlines to be too, dark but I find that this product isn't creamy enough for the job, it takes a little bit more effect to get the product on the water lines. For the bottom waterline especially the product goes away really fast. This product actually doesn't irritate my eyes (I do wear contacts); Overall, I'm sure that there are pencil liners that go on smoother, and last long in the drug store, but you won't be able to find it at the price of $1.99 regularly.

Chantel K.
Photo of product included with review by Chantel K.

Review: New York Color (N.Y.C) Brow/Eyeliners

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then its time for some window dressing, I have been wearing N.Y.C. brow/eyeliners for the past few months. While shopping at Target one day I was in need of eyeliners because I just ran out of mine so I came across the brand N.Y.C. I purchased two eyeliners in Jet Black and White. I purchased them from a Target in Hayward, Ca for only $0.99 which is really inexpensive so a lot of makeup lovers and artist can definitely afford this product.

I purchased only these two colors because this was the first time I had ever tried this brand before. These brow/eyeliners come in many different colors such as: Jet Black, Dark Brown, Charcoal, In The Navy, Sable, White, and Taupe. So there is definitely a color for every diva out there. When I first started wearing the eyeliner in jet black honestly I was not impressed because every time I would use it, it would always break and I had to keep sharpening it and it did not go on as smooth as I would have liked. I usually wear the jet black to line my eyes and the white to line my lower lash liner when I wear light color eyeshadow. However over a period of time I started to like these eyeliners (they finally stopped breaking on me ) because I just kept trying them and wearing them all the time and so I got use to them and how they come on.

When I wear eyeliner I like it to be extremely dark and these eyeliners go on really light so I have to keep applying the eyeliner to get the intensity that I want. Some ladies don't mind having to reapply eyeliner but I personally would prefer to apply only once and it looks really dark. These eyeliners are still growing on me but I would recommend that you pretty divas try them and see how they work for you remember they are only $.99 and can be found at your local Target or online at

Application Tips: •To use as an eyeliner apply along your lash line from the center to the outer corner. •To use as a brow filler, fill in and extend your brow shape by following your natural arch and applying with short strokes.

I use this product for both; I use it as eyeliner all the time and also I fill in my eyebrows while I am putting my face on. Remember when filling in your brows use soft strokes apply a little and then build it up to your liking but be careful because if you put to much on, your eyebrows will look super dark and crazy (trust me I've been there before).

Benefits: •2 in 1 product: this dual purpose pencil works as a defining brow filler to shape and shade brows perfectly. •A precision eyeliner to intensify your eye look. •Dermatologist tested.

Key Ingredients: •Vitamin E