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Great nude palette

This naked palette is great for people with more fair skin if they are looking to get more a natural look. I think this palette offers a great range of lighter shades from browns to grey tones. I think it's possible to wear a different look daily with this palette. The palette is great to bring when travelling. The case is very durable since it is made of metal until the card board that the Naked palette is made of. I like the full mirror make applying makeup easy. I think the brush is great as well, the blending brush is useful since most of the colours are very blendable. Just like the original Naked palette the shades are very pigementated and there are more matte shades in this palette.

I don't really care for the lipgloss that comes with the palette it's not really a colour that I would choose on my own. The price of the Naked palettes have gone up a lot since it first came out, but I still feel that this palette is worth the investment if you want a palette that can take you from day to night and allow you to have different looks daily.

Favourte shades: Verve, Snakebite, Foxy and YDK

Love the colour!

This colour is gorgeous! It's a cool toned medium pink and it looks perfect on fair toned skin. This prodcut is a bit more sheer and darker than the lipstick but you can wear this colour alone or over lipstick to give your lips that extra shine and warn up a tone. The colour is matte and has no shimmer in it, I think it's a great formula; not too sticky but it does last a long time as long as you don't eat or drink anything, otherwise you will need to reapply it. This product was a bit of an investment for a lipgloss but since it is a limited edition it was worth having in my collection.

Great colour

I was looking for a baby pink sheer gloss and I definately like the MAC one. This product has a bit of a lip plumping agent in it, as it does tingle a bit when you apply it, but it's not anything too intense. The product isn't too sticky and it does last a while but if you do eat or drink this does transfer and you will need to reapply. The scent of the product is the usual MAC lip product scent, which is a mild vanilla scent, very nice. It comes with a sponge applicator. you can control the amount of product that you are appling to your lips. The formula is great if you have drier lips, it does not sit in the ridge instead if fills them in so it looks like you have nice plump shiny lips. The shimmer in this shade is nice, there is really fine shimmer in the shade not biger chunks of glitter. I think the cons of this product is that this product is quite pricey and you don't get a lot of product in the tube. Just after some applications you notice a huge decrease in product. I would recommend this product if you are investing in a lipgloss that you would either wear on a daily basis (to get your money's worth) or something that you would pull out for more special occasions (as the investment buy).

Great investment

I have been looking high and low for a lip liner that could neutralize my lips and finally found one! I have pretty pigmented lips as a natural colour and it's harder to find nude shades in lip products that are a "true nude". I find that conclear is a bit too harsh to use, it makes a "dead look". This lip pencil shade has just the right amount of pinky peach in the tone that it still gives warmth to your nude lips. This shade is also opaque enough to completely nude your lips not matter how much colour your natural lips have. This is a bit pricey for a lip liner, but it is great to use as a base and it makes brighter lip products pop. You do get a good amount of product for the price, but I highly recommend this lip pencil shade if you are looking for a true nude lip.

Good product

I love the formula of this cleanser, it is a toothpaste like formula and you do not need a lot of it to cleanse your face. It foams up nicely with a bit of water. I find that it leaves my skin feeling really clean, but it didn't do much for my skin. This product is at a reasonable price and it has a nice clean smell to it. I have found better cleansers that actually help my skin needs. I'm sure that everyone's skin needs different things and this cleanser would work for some and not work for others.


I think this product is highly comparable to Clinque's High Impact mascara. It has a standard mascara wand, and it is a good standard size. It does hold a curl and it's buildable. If you are looking for a standard mascara this one would work for you, but it is a bit more pricey. For me I always expect higher end mascaras to have very high performance and also to cover all the needs that I look for in a mascara. I don't think that this product does everything, but's it just a standard mascara.


This is a slightly expensive mechanical eyeliner pencil. The product does glide on your eyes nicely. It does come in a nice sleek packaging and it's a good size for storage. You do get a refill that comes with the product. The colour pay off isn't to dark, you do need to go over it a couple of times to get a nice dark black. This formula does smudge nicely if you can a dark smokey eye. I find that through out the day the product fades bit. The smudger sponge on the other side of this product isn't too useful, I find that it's a bit too hard and kind of erases the liner more rather than smudging it. The tip isn't too precise, so it's not the best for creating winged liner, unless you use a brush or q-tip to clean up the line. This is one of the first eyeliners that I've tried, and I did go through 2 of these, but over time I have found better liners, that are darker and last longer.

Good product

This mascara as a small brush that has shorter combs on it. It is designed to allow you to get all your lashes and also to reach and cover all your lashes. I find that the formula dries pretty fast, which by then would create clumps. I also find that if you apply 2-3 coats of this alone, it tends to clump and flake off during the day. It not smudge proof so during the day as you wear this some of it will get on the bottom of your eye. This mascara does give you volume, but if you have really short and sparse lashes it won't give you the best results. I wouldn't recommend this product. There are better mascaras out there that can give the a good amount of volume.

Good product

This mascara has a good sized standard mascara brush. It's a good size for picking up all of your lashes with one sweep. The formula for this is kind of right in the middle, where it isn't too wet or too dry. The formula also does keep a curl, I find that if you layer this product you can build good volume. This does not clump even if you put on 2-3 layers. The colour is quite dark, but not as dark as some Jet Black mascaras out there. I find that this product does deliver on most of it's promises, but it is quite pricey and it's not the best mascara out there.

Great product

Finally jumped on the bandwagon for this highly hyped product. One word: LOVE! This product truly lives up to all the hype. It is the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever tired. Usually when I wear lipstick I will wear lip balm and gloss together, but this product is acts like a 3 in 1 taking care of everything I need. It lasted a long time on my lips, and it never really dried out on my lips. The packaging is cute, and easy to store and carry around. I have to say that you don't get much product in the tube, since it is slightly skinnier than standards lipsticks and because it is more sheer by layering the product you are using more of it to get the colour pay off you want. Also this product kind of get a bit sloppy around the edges, so you do have to clean up the tube every time you use it. In my local drugstores this product is still more pricey for a drugstore lipstick ($9-$10 range when it's on sale), but I can still justify it because it functions as a 3-in-1. There is a great range of colours, definitely something for anyone. Strawberry Shortcake is a really pretty warm pink, works great for fair skin and pigmented lips. Overall I would recommend this product to everyone, especially people who don't like wearing lipstick, this product smells, tastes, and feels nothing like a standard lipstick.

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