Viva Glam Lipglass


Jacquie V.
Viva Glam RiRi

So I see you like Viva Glam have you tried the new Viva Glam RiRi? The lipglass is nice but honestly it's worn best with the Viva Glam RiRi lipstick! The lipstick is a frost finish but paired with MAC Cherry Lipliner and the lipglass the look is beautiful! Stop by your local MAC store/counter and try it out!!

littleraygirl D.
I love this!

I have never bought a mac or any other high end makeup product in my young life! This was given to me as a gift and I absolutely love the color of this lip gloss. I use it by itself or with my Revlon Abstract Orange lipstick. It give the perfect amount of neutral and of color. GO TRY IT

Elaina Y.
Love the colour!

This colour is gorgeous! It's a cool toned medium pink and it looks perfect on fair toned skin. This prodcut is a bit more sheer and darker than the lipstick but you can wear this colour alone or over lipstick to give your lips that extra shine and warn up a tone. The colour is matte and has no shimmer in it, I think it's a great formula; not too sticky but it does last a long time as long as you don't eat or drink anything, otherwise you will need to reapply it. This product was a bit of an investment for a lipgloss but since it is a limited edition it was worth having in my collection.

Tiara R.

I love this shade over nude and brown lipstick I Also like to wear it alone it's beautiful It's a great color I am also going to get the lipstick too

Shay B.

One of my faves! Great to mix with for a neutral glam look... And isn't sticky! M.A.C. always come through with the wonderful array of colors that do not quit!

Kamara B.
I love this product!

This product is amazing, lasts quite well, however I like to have the full gloss look, so I over-apply this product ahhaha. But its amazing so, so! hehe. Honest, I'd advise any Lady Gaga crazed fan like me to buy this! The colour is amazing and goes really well with the pact on colour of the lipstick too! I'd dress this lipglass down and up! Love it!

Nadia N.

I love these lipglasses to work with the matching the lipsticks. The viva glam VI is my favorite it really brings out the lipstick color more. I also love V over a nude so it doesn't make it too nude.

Nancy-Lee C.

i bought this to wear atop Viva Glam VI lipstick. but I tend to wear it on it's own. It is the same shade just high gloss. It is not sticky, it does not feather and run off of your lips, it is super comfortable alone or paired. This is the first MAC gloss that I purchased, it will not be the last.

It is considered a "soft neutral pink". I say yes, with a sunkissed look. This shade is a total chameleon. Simply change the lip pencil or lipstick and change the shade of this gloss.

I will buy again. This colour and others.

April R.

Initially I wanted to get the lipstick but when I swatched it was a bit too light for me, however the lip gloss gives a lovely natural gloss. It isn't too glittery which I like and I think it'll work well on most skin tones. The only thing I don't like is that I have to re-apply it quite frequently but I guess that's cause it's not very sticky. Overall a good product and it's proceeds go to charity so I'll definitely keep buying it :)

Megan M.
Love Hate.

I had this lip glass given to me as a gift summer of 2011. It was my first lip glass I ever received. The color is absolutely gorgeous and compliments my skin tone quite well. What I love about it is that the sponge applicator is super soft and feels so nice on the lips, it smells almost identical to chocolate and it's small and compact. What I hate about it is that I can't wear it on it's own. There has to be some sort of lipstick base underneath or else it goes on like goop and won't blend in nicely. Also it's kinda sticky and it feels like a little doesn't really go a long way.