Estée Lauder

Automatic Eye Pencil Duo


Elaina Y.

This is a slightly expensive mechanical eyeliner pencil. The product does glide on your eyes nicely. It does come in a nice sleek packaging and it's a good size for storage. You do get a refill that comes with the product. The colour pay off isn't to dark, you do need to go over it a couple of times to get a nice dark black. This formula does smudge nicely if you can a dark smokey eye. I find that through out the day the product fades bit. The smudger sponge on the other side of this product isn't too useful, I find that it's a bit too hard and kind of erases the liner more rather than smudging it. The tip isn't too precise, so it's not the best for creating winged liner, unless you use a brush or q-tip to clean up the line. This is one of the first eyeliners that I've tried, and I did go through 2 of these, but over time I have found better liners, that are darker and last longer.