Beauty Product Reviews

No good.

I bought this product after trying it at a friend's house. On the box it claims to give you soft skin after just one use & I will admit that it does just that. That was the reason I bought it in the first place but after getting it home & using it for 2 weeks I realized that the formula in the cleansing pads was actually breaking me out. Needless to say I will not be using this product again.

my first palette

This was my first eyeshadow palette & I absolutely love it! All the colors are gorgeous. My favorites are sin, mauie wowie, polyster bride, & sin. All the colors are very pigmented & look great. Very shimmery too.


This is my favorite product to remove my eye makeup! Nothing has ever worked so well for me before. I wash my face to get rid of my face makeup but my eye makeup has always been hard to get off. These wipes remove all of my eye makeup even the waterproof kind! I love it & have rebought it several times.

pretty good.

This mascara is actually pretty good. I think the formula is alittle runny but its a pretty good mascara. It separates my lashes nicely but I don't think it's anything special. I don't know if I would rebuy it when I run out.


I think this might be my favorite mascara. I always come back to it no matter how many mascaras I try. It separates my lashes really well, gives me alot of volume & is good for any look!

pretty good

I am a mascara addict so I bought this mascara when it came out. It's nothing special in my opinion except in one way. It's super waterproof! I can wear this mascara in the shower & not have to fix it when I get out & I don't have raccoon eyes either. It's the only mascara I wear when I know I'm going to get wet!

cute & smells great!

I love the egg look for this lip balm-so cute. It smells great & it leaves my lips feeling very soft. It's one of my top 2 favorite lip balms ever! I will be rebuying it when I run out

love it!

This has to be my favorite perfume. I use it all the time no matter what season or occasion! I think it smells great & the packaging is really cute. The scent lasts me all day long so I never have to put more on after one or two spritzes.

Love it!

This product is my favorite heat protector even though it is kind of pricey. It smells great & makes my hair soft while it protects it from heat when I curl my hair. I don't use it often, usually only when I curl my hair but I think it does a great job!

It's pretty good.

I like the product enough to rebuy it when it's gone. I feel like it does it's job for most of the day but when you apply it make sure to shake it every time you spray or it will go on your hair white & you will notice!