Wave Deep Clean Gentle Exfoliating System

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Karlyn S.

I have had soft and clear skin while using this but i forget to use it so my pimples have come back! I think yall should go try it out xoxo, Karlyn

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LeAndra D.
It Doesnt foam right away like I thought.

You really have to work it into your face for it to start bubbling up. I will say however that it does seem to get what my regular face wash misses. I use the Loreal 360 and it has the little brush to scrub. When the soap turns white I figure all my make up is gone and Im done. well I used the wave and it picked up all the dirt and make up I still had on my face. Def. worth the buy.

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Tia H.

From the first use, I experienced soft skin. It got rid of my whiteheads on my nose and cheeks. After a few uses, it didn't really help with my skin at all.

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Tiara C.

I love this and i like that the foaming pads do not have a harsh chemical that goes on to your skin. I love that this product is good for traveling as well

Glenda C.
Incredible Results!

I didn't expect too much from this product at first. I was really just trying to find SOMETHING that wasn't a ten step process, but that really made a difference for my skin. I have had a lot of problems with acne so I just wanted something simple to use that would do the job, and I was blown away by this product. It doesn't take a lot of effort to use, it's easy, and it's fun! Even better, it works! My skin has cleared up, A LOT, and it has really helped to make my skin look great! I am in love with my wave, and I would suggest it to anyone & everyone!

Shannon M.

I've loved the Wave Sonic from my first use. It does a really nice job for the price considering it's on the lower end of the price scale for an exfoliating handheld device. After cleansing my face feels instantly soft and I can notice a significant difference in my face after not using for at least a week. Definitely a must-have!

Sara B.
Love it!

I only use it at night...My skin tends to be on the drier side and with the salicylic acid I tend to get a little dry (and if I use it too often my face swells up a bit, but I love it so much and it works so well that I just use it a bit less often) if I use it too often. I love how clean and fresh my face feels after I use it. I cleanse and exfoliates so well that my treatments and moisturizer just sink right into my skin. I love the scent, too. The pads are a little expensive if you use them twice a day, I would think. I had a couple of the pads not foam for some reason. The company was excellent when I called to tell them about it. I only called when it happened the third time. They have never had anyone call about that before, so maybe it's because I don't use them all the time and sometimes I take a couple of days off. I store them in a ziploc baggy now so I can be sure they are not getting dried out. They were excellent with their customer service! Sometimes, if I have heavy makeup on, I will gently pre-cleanse with a soft cleanser so the foaming pad doesn't get all "mucky" with makeup, as I don't want that to be buffed into my pores.

Macy K.

I use to use this last year, and I enjoyed how clean & refreshed it made my skin feel. The pads have a great scent, and clean well. It didn't leave residue behind and it's a perfect product to use before bed & in the morning. It's gentle on skin, and left my face feeling soft.

Alexis W.
Does all the work!

This little thing is so handy! Its easy to use and makes your face so soft. It really deep cleans and massages all the dirt and grossness out of your pours. I absolutely love it!

Tara K.
Not Bad...

For those of us who cannot afford the Clarsonic just yet, this is not a terrible alternative. Of course, the Clarsonic is hands down better. However, for budget beauty buyers this is pretty good. The refills are kind of a pain to buy because they are not always in stock. I like to use the exfoliating pads best. My skin feels very clean and smooth afterward.