Wave Deep Clean Gentle Exfoliating System

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Tiara C.

I love this and i like that the foaming pads do not have a harsh chemical that goes on to your skin. I love that this product is good for traveling as well

Macy K.

I use to use this last year, and I enjoyed how clean & refreshed it made my skin feel. The pads have a great scent, and clean well. It didn't leave residue behind and it's a perfect product to use before bed & in the morning. It's gentle on skin, and left my face feeling soft.

Anette A.

At first I was happy that it scrubbed my face and it was a fun product and it made me enjoy washing my face. Although it served its purpose, after a while I realized its just merely vibrating. I can easily wash my face with my bare hands myself and use a scrub and I'd get clearer skin. I was not impressed. Maybe for some, the product works fine, but it's not for me. The pads were also not easily accessible. Here in the Philippines this product has been discontinued. It was selling for a few months and then it vanished from the market like hot air. Guess, people didn't really "buy" it.

Glenda C.
Incredible Results!

I didn't expect too much from this product at first. I was really just trying to find SOMETHING that wasn't a ten step process, but that really made a difference for my skin. I have had a lot of problems with acne so I just wanted something simple to use that would do the job, and I was blown away by this product. It doesn't take a lot of effort to use, it's easy, and it's fun! Even better, it works! My skin has cleared up, A LOT, and it has really helped to make my skin look great! I am in love with my wave, and I would suggest it to anyone & everyone!

Megan M.
Good alternative.

I went into buying this product with no high hopes. hoping it would do as the box said it would, and maybe I'd be more diligent at washing my face every day. I was very pleasantly surprised! I did notice softer, smoother skin after the first use. Now, I use it pretty much every second day. I find that I like the way it makes my skin feel so much that I look forward to washing my face in the morning before hopping into the shower (although I could probably use it in the shower, too, since it's water-resistant). I've noticed that my pores are smaller, my skin is brighter, and the pimples that I had on my face are gone. My only complaint is that I can't use it everyday because even though it leaves my skin nice and soft, I could feel my skin going tight and drying if I use it every single day.

Tara K.
Not Bad...

For those of us who cannot afford the Clarsonic just yet, this is not a terrible alternative. Of course, the Clarsonic is hands down better. However, for budget beauty buyers this is pretty good. The refills are kind of a pain to buy because they are not always in stock. I like to use the exfoliating pads best. My skin feels very clean and smooth afterward.

Karlyn S.

I have had soft and clear skin while using this but i forget to use it so my pimples have come back! I think yall should go try it out xoxo, Karlyn

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Connie Y.
It's okay

this product really leaves your skin feeling super soft! I use it once every few weeks because I always forget to use it. I think any product that is automatic will leave your skin feeling really soft. haha I actually prefer using exfoliators because they are quicker and they actually have beads in them to help exfoliate better.

Shannon M.

I've loved the Wave Sonic from my first use. It does a really nice job for the price considering it's on the lower end of the price scale for an exfoliating handheld device. After cleansing my face feels instantly soft and I can notice a significant difference in my face after not using for at least a week. Definitely a must-have!

Tia H.

From the first use, I experienced soft skin. It got rid of my whiteheads on my nose and cheeks. After a few uses, it didn't really help with my skin at all.

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