Fresh Start Dry Shampoo


Hanna Z.

I actually really enjoy this product as it really works well for me! Sure, the smell isn't the best, but atleast it works well. I would really recommend this product.

Jennifer G.

It doesn't really get the job done. I did it when I absolutely feel I need to, but I will never buy it again. It only made my hair feel more greasy and dirty and just gave a heavy feeling.

Betsy N.
Run Away!!!

Got this and I thought it would help with my oily hair since if I don't wash it everyday it gets greasy and it feels dirty, what a mistake. This made my get dandruff. And not only me I let my mom use it since I thought it was me she got dandruff too.

Sierra Marie T.

Rather than making my hair refreshed and clean, it made it my hair feel gross and greasy. The smell was okay when i sprayed it on but after a few minutes my hair began to have a really greasy stench to it.

Pros: smells good

Cons: Leaves your hair greasy

Would i buy this product again: Never again!

Olivia R.

This product sucks I don't like it at all. The bottle always breaks and the smell... yuck. I find even when I do spray it on my hair its still oily, doesn't do anything.

Caellen S.
Always Breaks!

The bottle always breaks so I can't even get my money's worth. I've tried buying it 3 times and I have up on it. The few times I did use it, it didn't seem to do much. It has a very chemically smell that isn't very refreshing.

Leanna G.
Don't waste your money

Smells bad and leaves my black hair looking grey. Spend the extra few bucks on Batiste or Rockaholic and thank me the next time you oversleep and have no time to wash your hair.

Alexa M.
Why does this have so many likes

Really, this product just sucks

Pros: Um, none

Cons: Leaves hair oily no matter how little product your disperse Does the opposite of its job No wonder it was on a good clearance Not worth your money Not even worth being free Should be called hair-greaser

Nicki N.
Did not like

Nope, this is another product that works for many other people but didn't work for me. The powder was pretty visible in my dark hair even after trying to wash it out. It had a strange smell that choked me, and was just not a good experience. I couldn't even try to use it up; at least I bought it on sale so it wasn't a waste of the full price.

Julia F.
do not like it.

I really don't know what all the hype is about over this product. I have tried many dry shampoos because I have dark brown, thin hair that starts to get oily within 24 hours of washing it. I need something that will hold my hair over until the next time I wash it (which is every other day). This dry shampoo did not work for me at all. I sprayed it onto my roots where I needed it, and tried to shake it out a few minutes later. I cannot get the white powder to disappear. I will shake my hair out with my fingers and use different hairbrushes to try to get it to fade, but it will not. I am left with dusty colored roots, and no more volume than I already had. Plus it makes my hair look dirtier than it originally did. It looks damp and just disgusting. Dry shampoo shouldn't do that. I've had even darker hair than I do now (extremely dark blue/black hair) and I never had a problem using white dry shampoos. If you have lighter hair than I do and your hair doesn't get really oily, then hey, this may be a great product for you.

Quick Tip: if you do NOT have a well ventilated bathroom, I would suggest wearing a gas mask while spraying this because you will be coughing and choking on it for a good minute or too. Trust me, I know from experience.