Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray


Lisa S.
its okay.

Ive used this and let me just say, I have tried better. The organix heat protectant or even tresseme is better than this and its cheaper. I also HATE the smell. It smells like a weird men's perfume

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Winter P.
Sticky and smells...ok...

I had to use it for a month since I had a low budget and I ran out of my favourite heat protectant and it was just sticky and it made my straightener and curling iron sticky and gross it doesn't work well I don't recommend using this product

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Soraya T.
Sticky Sticky Sticky

- Sticky, like a fixing spray. -If you want to do some curls, if you try to put your finger in it after applying the product, you'll think that you never brushed your hair since you were born. - For me it's more a fixing spray that workd only for 30 min.

Summary: If you need a fixing spray that maybe protects your hair from your Iron, maybe this is the right one. But if you want smooth and shiny hair, this is not the product to buy.

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a mini version of this was included in a sample pack of CHI products I got. it smells nice. performs terribly otherwise as a product, what heat protection? also made my hair stiff and sticky.

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Elle A.

I really wanted to like this product, mostly because everyone is always raving about Chi. I finally bought this and was not remotely impressed. I used this for about a month before deciding I needed to find something new. This did nothing for my hair except give me dry ends. I thought it was suppose to protect against heat? It also stiffens your hair when you spray it on. Aside from the great smell, there is nothing great about this product.

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Janet D.

Smells bad, didn't protect my hair from the heat, and made it sooo sticky and gross feeling. I have curly hair so that might have something to do with it.

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Carolyn Z.
Hate it.

It was a total waste of my money. It made my hair feel sticky and coarse. My hair actually curled back up just 2 hours after I straightened and used this thermal protector. I'll never buy this again.

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Kayla M.

I have been growing my hair out for about a year and starting curling it. I would always use a thermal spray but my curls either didn't last or ended up sticky. I have spent a ton of money on products. I saw this and tried it. I was so surprised! When I curl my hair the curl stays, not only that, it is not sticky. And my hair is very frizzy and dry and usually does not like any products. This is worth the money. I have not found a hair product I like better than this. Buy 2 at a time. It is so worth every cent!

Savannah B.

I have been using the Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray for a veeeeery long time now, and finally decided to switch it up and purchase Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, and I can happily say that I am pleasantly surprised! I have read tons of reviews before purchasing this, and was skeptical because I have seen where so many people talk about it giving their hair a weird crunchy feel and the smell was awful, but I finally decided to try it out. I L-O-V-E the smell! It reminds me of the perfume they spray in Hollister and after I apply heat to my hair it fades into a very gentle scent. I spray this on my hair after I completely let it air dry, brush through to evenly distribute the product, let dry, and then style with my heated tools. I feel as though my flat iron glides smoothly over my hair, as if the spray has actually sealed every cuticle and split end together and formed a sort of film around each strand. I know that can sound iffy, but the way the "film" is on my locks isn't gross - it's comforting, it feels like I am really protecting my hair with the best product out there. I use this with Chi Silk Infusion and have seen a significant improvement in my hair's condition, texture, and shine.

Madeline C.

I blowdry and straighten my hair everyday because I have naturally curly hair. This protects my hair so well! I have few split ends and it leaves a very light smell. It does not make my hair greasy. Nice shine, and healthy looking hair. DEF RECOMMEND :)