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Must Buy!

I don't any high quality brushes but when I have these, I feel like I own high end brushes. The brushes are extremely soft and I love all of these brushes. This little brush set can be used for a whole face look and worth the money!


This product is really easy to use and the formula is great but unfortunately when I apply it to the lash line it starts to sting my eye, for me (but I've tried it on others and it doesn't sting them). But the cool thing about this product is that it dries as a matte black.

Must Buy!

This trio is great because the price is very affordable while the shadows are highly pigmented as well. The shadows have labels that help beginners know where to place the shadows. The brushes aren't too terrible compared to other disposable brushes.

The packing is like the NARS packaging and the shade I have ins't very pigmented. The shade also has a sheen finish and a light coral. Haven't tried the other shades, but the price is luckily affordable.


I love that this product is only $3 and comes with a bronzer and blush but the shades don't suit me the best. The bronzer is a bit dark but luckily doesn't have any shimmer. Then the blush is a bit of a coral color but has shimmer and it also is a bit chalky. But lastly, the mirror isn't attached so well, so it keeps falling out of the casing.


I like this product because it's very compact and small and the shadows are pretty pigmented. You get 9 great shadows that you can create multiple looks with and you get lip glosses as well.

I like using this brush for cream blushes but I that's all I can really think of. I use to use this brush as a foundation brush, but it's too streaky and doesn't apply that nicely since it's not dense and compact. But luckily the price is affordable.


I bought this product because it's only $1 and I've tried their other $1 brushes that I like. But I would recommend not to buy it and save that $1. The brush is very scratchy and feels a bit itchy on the skin as well as the hairs fall out a lot!


I like this bronzer, it's a matte brown. It doesn't look orange-y and it's also cheap and compact. This product is pretty pigmented and gives your face a little bronze-y glow.


I got this for free on Sephora's weekly offers and it's absolutely cream and silky and applies evenly. Just like the title of this product, it doesn't crease at all and works great as a base or alone.

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