Studio Stipple Brush

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Tyni R.
I'm a happy camper!

Read reviews and seems like not everyone's satisfied with this brush. I bought one (and the small stipple brush) and I'm using it everyday. I keep reaching for it instead of my Real Techniques buff brush (Core techniques).

I use it for BB cream mixed with a bit of liquid foundation. I use the small brush for my peach lip-cheek stain. :)

Nadine S.

$3.00 for a nice stipple brush. Love that. This is a small stipple brush and I usually use it to apply for moisturizer so I can get an even coverage with my moisturizer. It has worked wonders for me. I also use it to apply my foundation to get a better airbrushed and flawless finish. Thanks ELF. Girls looking for purchase on budget invest in this brush you would like it.

Paris I.

This is the only brush I use to apply my foundation. I pat my foundation on with elf stipple brush and it leaves an airbrushed finish. This brush is Super affordable I only spent $3.00 on it, the quality of the brush is amazing, sturdy, great quality hairs, no shedding, this brush works better than my $20.00 stipple brush from another brand. Elf stipple brush is also Easy to clean, and does not fall apart after you wash it. If you're looking for a stipple brush that gets the job done with out shedding and leaving little annoying brush hairs stuck to your foundation I recommend THIS ONE!!

my fav brush

I luv this brush I have two one for foundation and the other for blush it really packs on the color to my cheeks and blends perfectly the small stipple bush is a must have as well for u deer eyes and bronzer

Lehi I.

I have dry skin and u finally foundation that worked for me but the thing is I didn't have any stipple brushes which I heard are really good for liquid foundations.So I looked on sephora,m.a.c,benefit ,everything!!But alas the brushes were $35+ and I can't afford that then I found this $3 brush and immediately bought it.I came home and applied the foundation in circular motions with this stipple brush and I LOVED IT!my skin was absolutely flawless.i couldn't ask for more.Thanks E.l.f!

Morgan C.
Like It

I just ordered this brush and I actually really like it. I had their foundation brush and like this one way better. I was able to get a more even application with it. I use it with liquid foundation and it works pretty well. I saw several reviews that were disappointed so it all depends on your application preference.

Victoria D.
Too flimsy!

I really needed a good stippling brush, and I hadn't owned one prior to this one, I figured ELF was a good route to go since I like some of their other studio brushes. Well, I was wrong. This brush is extremely thin, and the bristles are too long, which makes them too flimsy to really work with! I wanted to use it for liquid and cream foundations, but it just doesn't cut it for those. It does almost nothing. I did find that I can use it fine for applying a highlighter, like Too Faced Pink Leopard which I use on the tops of my cheekbones, but that's about it!

Kalynn K.

I like using this brush for cream blushes but I that's all I can really think of. I use to use this brush as a foundation brush, but it's too streaky and doesn't apply that nicely since it's not dense and compact. But luckily the price is affordable.

Sojourner W.
Not good for foundation, but has other uses!

I ordered this knowing that it wasn't as dense as the e.l.f powder brush, but I still wanted to try it because I'm obsessed with makeup. But gosh I didn't know how much it lacked density. This is a pretty thin stippling brush, similar to the one I have by BH Cosmetics, but the bristles are very soft on my skin. Since I can't use this brush for my foundation, I instead use it for blush and a really thin layer of tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. I also like to use this brush for cream products like blush and it retails for $3.

Pros: - Price - Availability

Cons: - Not dense

Lisa U.

The stippling brush is great to apply powder or cream blush but unfortunately it's a little to thin and flimsy for foundation. It also washes easily and doesn't shed. This brush would be a lot better if the bristles were more sturdy.