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Take a chance!

I am absolutely in love with these, they are moisturizing and creamy. The colors are also very pigmented and there are so many varieties of shades from pink to browns to shimmery to nudes to almost anything! I own: Warm Me Up, Champagne Shimmer, Coral Gleam, Flawless Fuchsia (limited edition), Smooth Taupe (limited edition), Porcelain Pink (limited edition), and Elegant Lilac (limited edition)


This was my first ever high end product I've ever purchased! I loved the idea how you could use this on your lips or cheeks. When applied to the cheeks, it just gives you a flush of color, but sadly it's not the most pigmented, so you would have to apply maybe a few layers if you want it more pigmented. But then again, you can build it up to your desired shade. When applied to the lips, it just gives a tiny of red tint, but to me it doesn't taste that good. I cannot say this product is worth the price. I have owned it for a bit now and use it a lot, but luckily I still have a TON left. But you could probably find a cheeper alternative out there. (I mean I still use it though!, just my opinion)

Really Pretty

I only own one of Tarte's blushes which is in Exposed, and I am absolutely in love with the shade. It's very pigmented and I think it's a pretty shade that will suite most skin colors. To me, it can be used as a pretty natural shade.

Not Sure?

I received a mini color club polish in my birchbox in the color Blue-Ming. It's a beautiful blue-green polish, but when I first applied the first layer, it came out quite streaky. On the second layer, it wasn't as streaky. Luckily, the color was very opaque so I dind't haven't to worry about the streaky-ness peeking through. I am not sure if it is just the color I have, but this is the only color club polish I own :)

Must have!

I have a lot of their colors and they are all very pigmented and creamy. This product is definitely affordable compared to other cream shadows, and this product is very easy to use. I especially love 'Milk' because it really help your shadow show up more vibrant!

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