Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

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Rachelle-Denise  M.
Comes In Handy

I use this for more than it's intended purposes. I use the Bronzer whenever I want to clean up my eye shadow. Sometimes it can look scattered and I like to be precise. And I use the blush as a touch up highlighter for my under-eye and the bridge of my nose. It's so awesome because of how cheap and versatile it can be.

Maria G.

This is a nice product specially for it being so cheap... It's very pigmented.. A little on the glittery side but it doesn't look like it on the face .. I like the shade selection they have and the bronzers are very good for contouring .. The only thing I don't like is that the blush doesn't last more than 3-4 hours on and then It just sort of fades away other than that it's great

Sharon H.

I got this because I always see beauty gurus using it as a dupe for nars Laguna. I thought I'd really like it but when I put it on it was so super dark which I wasn't expecting. The blush just made me look red and it looked awful. Miss for me :(

Aubrey C.
Bronzer, yes. Blush, oh god no.

I've had this for quite a while and it's been my go-to contour powder ever since. It's got a tiny bit of shimmer in it, but nothing too crazy. It's more of a red-based color rather than orange, so for the pale ladies out there (including myself) it might not look so great. I just use a light hand while waiting for my prince charming of contour powder to come find me. Haha. It does blend well though, and has decent staying power.

In terms of the blush, I hate it. The color would be gorgeous if it weren't for all that glitter. If you're into sparkly blush, then by all means this would be an absolutely wonderful product for you.

Even for just using the bronzer though, I would definitely buy it again and would have no trouble saying it's worth the whole 3 bucks it costs.

Julia M.
Love it!

I've had this duo for a couple years now and it is absolutely amazing! It is so pigmented! The bronzer and blush both that a bit of sparkle, but the sparkle in the bronzer almost fades completely once you blend it. I think this duo is perfect for ALL skin tones, I've tried it on some very fair friends and some darker toned friends and it looks flawless on all of them! The bronzer isn't orange at all, and the blush is the perfect peachy pink color with shimmer. I recommend to EVERYONE!

Sarah T.
I love this ! :)

So blend-able, true to colour and highly pigmented so a little goes a long way :) i bought this in Turks & Caicos as it looked the same colour as other bronzers i have had but as its so highly pigmented it was way way to dark for me but i can use the blush as a bronzer so im happy :)

Kim S.

I have this in St. Lucia and it is a lifesaver for those on a budget but for those who want quality and actually have the ends to shell out then this might not be for you. I use it from time to time, kinda like how you have ALOT of makeup that you just feel like wearing on certain days even if you have go-to makeup =P ANYWAYS. This is blendable but you MUST be very lighthanded with this, it is VERY DARK even on my NC30/35 skin. Very pigmented and you will pick up alot on your brush even if you just barely touch it. A little goes a long way so for the price it's not bad and it will last a VERY VERY LONG TIME! I guess it depends what kind of finish you have on your face for this to blend...if your face is very sticky (foundation feel) then either powder your face till its smooth before you blend otherwise you might as well use a creamy contour or bronzer. Works well and blends well on mineral makeup.

Stephanie C.
Perfect everyday blush and bronzer

I've tried many different bronzers to go well with my skin color and this is probably the best color I've tried. It's honestly the perfect shade and not too glittery. The blush however doesn't do much for me. It's really subtle to the point where I can't even tell if I have blush on. When put together the blush shade blends to closely to the bronzer.

Kelly K.
Perfect and Inexpensive!

This is my favorite elf product and my go-to contouring and blush duo. I love this product> i have repurchased twice. The contouring powder can be used with a light hand to create a very subtle look or built up for more dramatic results. I have also used it to create contouring shadows around my nose. The blush is the "perfect peach" for my fair skin tone. Try it! I also believe elf has added a couple additional shades online.

Karen Krishia C.
I love the bronzer and not much a fan of the blush.

I really love this palette especially the bronzer. It's true it is really dark for most skins but with a light hand, it's awesome. I use this almost everyday for contouring the sides of my cheeks. I tried using it on my nose bridge but it just didn't work because it's shimmery. Matte ones are still the best right? For me it blends just okay. The blush is really light but I sort of like it. I often like not-too-obvious blushes so this is good for me. I have a light-medium skin tone and the blush is not that obvious on my skin but upon looking at it, you know I'm wearing blush. It's also shimmery but not sparkly.

The lasting power of the bronzer is again, okay. It lasts up to a few hours on my skin. I guess if you put it really dark on the first application, it might last all day but of course that's ridiculous. lol