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Fair for the price

I had the Anastasia eyebrow kit prior to this one and once the wax ran out I needed a cheaper option. The powder in this is a little darker than my natural brows so it makes them look really defined when I use it. I also feel like it doesnt stick as well compared to the Anastasia one, but in all it's good for the drugstore price.

Must Have Setting Spray!

I absolutely love spraying this because the scent is so captivating.. It's beautiful and I love it. It makes my face feel fresh and finished and really adds that little extra touch to my makeup. I use it everyday and it's definitely a must have!!

Love it!

Whenever I was looking into buying one of these little guys, I read that they left your skin looking airbrushed and professional. I agreed quickly after I used it for the first time!! My makeup stayed better than it did when I used a foundation brush, and there's less residue and foundation blends better into my skin! I love the color of my beautyblender too!! The pink is so pretty!! I'm really happy I finally gave in and bought one, I love it!

Must have!

This palette makes me feel like Im not wearing shadow or over doing it! I love it so much, the colors are amazing and $27 isnt bad for UD. It's easily a must have for makeup artists kits.

Such awesome lip pencils!

I've had my first one for a while now and I was impressed! It goes on super easy, and the feel is velvet-y. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing any lipstick which I like a lot. It doesn't feather because you can line your lips with it and then fill them in! The color was vibrant and pretty! Can't wait to get many more shades!

Could be improved...

I bought a couple shades of this blush a couple months ago, hoping that it would be nice, creamy, and add a nice summer glow to my face. However, i am sort of disappointed with the results, the staying powder is not good and the color isn't vibrant. I'm not a fan, and I won't be buying anymore... maybe it's just my skin color they won't show up on well. I do have a red tint to my skin.


I actually really dislike this foundation but it's really only for one reason above all others... the color is too dark in even the lightest shade. I may need to try mixing it with a lighter color but sadly, it makes my skin look very orange-y. The staying power isn't too bad, and the applicator is nice. The only thing I really dislike about it is the color, so I rarely use it.

  • 0.5
Favorite foundation ever!

I wanted this foundation since UD announced they were making it, so the first thing I bought when I went to the mall was Naked Skin :) I made sure it matched my skintone while in Sephora and when I brought it home and tried it out, I was quite impressed. The pump is ideal, and the package it came in was so pretty!! It was taller/bigger than I thought it might be. When I used the foundation, I noticed a change in radiance on my skin, it was instantly brighter. The formula was a little bit thinner that I preferred but went on easily and covered all the red spots and dark spots on my skin. Love it so much!

Such a cute, easy way to brighten your face!

I love this palette! I treated myself to a graduation/birthday gift and this was at the top of my list. The brighten makes my eyes look ten times more blue, and the concealer is very soft, creamy, and easy to apply. i love the luminizer, bronzer, and the two blushes as well. they totally brighten my face, and are very pigmented. this palette is perfect for summer :)

I really like it, but there's always a flaw

I'm probably one of THE most pale girls in the world... When I first used this, I didn't know what to expect so I used it lightly. As I used it more, and practiced, it became easier to see all the spots I missed and all you have to do is reapply it there the next night. However, while youre sleeping some areas tend to rub off and that bothers me a lot. It gives a nice glow and the colors basically perfect on my skintone, I just need to keep practicing to prevent streakyness. I like it a lot overall, just a few flaws.

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