Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain


Elena F.

I love these I also have darling they have amazing staying power I will wear it on a day out shopping and it goes on shiny and then they dry and they stain your lips which I love they feel so comfortable on the lips

Cristine E.

First of all the colours and the way they felt on the lips were really good but no matter what colour I used it ALWAYS turned my lips orange for some reason just after 10min of wearing it. I tried it with every colour because I wanted to like them so bad but my lips turn orange with all of them.

Cristin I.
Favorite Lip Product EVER!

I absolutely love these! I have almost every shade and they are so perfect! Doesn't settle, goes on smooth, and lasts for eternities! Finally a stain that feels like chapstick! ?

Holly B.
Love them!!

I have 6 of them and love them all! Last forever and smell and taste like mint!!! 💗 My favorite shade is crush because it's such a dark color and doesn't move!!!

Erin C.
In love

Every time I'm at a shop that sells these I pick up at least one. By far my favourite lip stain out atm.. cannot get enough!! Also loving the matte shades . mo moisturising and last me all day.

Emily B.
Good lip stain!

Theses lip stains work great! I have smitten and honey, honey because it is a light color doesn't last long but still looks lovely. Smitten is a beautiful dark color and has pretty good lasting power. They are also moisturizing

Amelia R.

These are so moisturizing. I swear Revlon makes the most moisturizing lip products and I love it. I hope to purchase more of these because they are amazing. I love how mine stays on all day and how it's so neutral. If you don't have one of these I highly suggest getting at least one!

Kathleen  H.
Nice Product

First off, it smells great! A nice minty scent. It is retractable, so no sharpening is involved. The color payoff is ok, it could be better, but it could also be worse. Once you've applied enough to get the color you want, it looks very nice. It is very creamy and not sticky at all. Staying power isn't the best, so you'll probably have to reapply after about 2 hours. Overall I really like this product. I just wish it lasted longer and was more opaque.

Saby T.
love it

i love these balm stains ! i just bought Romantic and Rendezvous and i love the colours ! i just dont like tht minty smell but othr thn tht its cool :)

Ileana C.
Photo of product included with review by Ileana C.

I was sceptic when I see the size of the stick but I try it anyway. I'm completely in love whit this product. Buy several shades and all are pretty and flattering. Feels like a balm, goes on very smoothly and stay in place all day. But it's a little bit hard to remove it completely.