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Taryn L.

I use this brow set daily. I take the darker shade and harshen the lines around my brows for a crisp look. I then take the lighter color and fill in any sparse areas. I finish with a brush of the wax to set the look. Hands down, this is the best brow product I have used.

Brittnie W.

this is seriously amazing, i can't even tell you how many freakin brow products i've tried, this is much thicker "cakier" than a regular eyeshadow and it blends really nicely with your skin and hair so it doesn't look "drawn" on or whatever, i would deff by this again, but i'm almost out of the wax and still have a bunch of the powder left, which sucks, wish they sold the wax seperately. this is a LOVE product especially for the price

Maura Z.
Fair for the price

I had the Anastasia eyebrow kit prior to this one and once the wax ran out I needed a cheaper option. The powder in this is a little darker than my natural brows so it makes them look really defined when I use it. I also feel like it doesnt stick as well compared to the Anastasia one, but in all it's good for the drugstore price.

Maloree P.
Good for the price

I usually buy Mac or benefit eyebrow products but those are a little too much money for my current budget so I was looking for something on the cheaper side. I saw this at ulta for I believe 5.99 plus I had a coupon and the nyx products were buy 1 get one half off so it ended up being only like 3 bucks. I have used it a few times so far and I really like it! I would Deff repurchase. if I was going to a special event or something I would use one of my more higher end products but for a day when youre just hanging out this will do!

Marissa G.
my lil gem.

So I hate coloring in my eyebrows. I don’t know if its cause I suck at doing it or if it's because the product just sucks itself. I'm thinking it’s the product that sucks because this lil cheap bastard is a gem. I have to admit, the color is a little off. I have pretty dark brown hair and I have to use blonde, I'm sorry but WTF. It's not a big deal what so ever because you can clearly tell when looking at the package that color is wrong. I mean it's not, like deceiving in the way that it looks one shade and then turns into a totally differ shade after being applied. All in all I think this product is pretty effin amazing for being only $6.00 ($2.50 @ ULTA w/ coupon)