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Beautyblender Reviews


Kasie W.

This gives an airbrushed finish to any liquid foundation. It works best when it's damp. Really blends in foundation and absorbs excess product from your skin. The two pack is a really good deal and you could keep one for a backup or give it away ;)

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Maura Z.
Love it!

Whenever I was looking into buying one of these little guys, I read that they left your skin looking airbrushed and professional. I agreed quickly after I used it for the first time!! My makeup stayed better than it did when I used a foundation brush, and there's less residue and foundation blends better into my skin! I love the color of my beautyblender too!! The pink is so pretty!! I'm really happy I finally gave in and bought one, I love it!

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Aysel S.
Great to blend, hard to clean.

I love using this product to blend my foundation (in fact, it's amazing). I love it's softness; other sponges are too stiff. But, the only trouble is cleaning it. It's such a pain to clean, and the color of the sponge runs while cleaning. I feel like the only way to clean it is with the kit you can buy but otherwise, soap and water it is. So, I love the product's use but cleaning it is not exactly fun.

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Marisa R.
Compact, Easy to Use, Sturdy material

After two practice trials I love this for applying my foundation. I wasn't confident at first but once I found my rhythm I am amazed at how it blends my seriously gives me that flawless coverage I love. Since I've purchased this, I haven't used my other foundation brushes! lol

A B.

I love mine. Careful with fingernails... it will rip it! :( Cleaning is a bear, it is hard to get soap into. I suppose you are meant to buy their special cleaner. Still love it though!

Gloria M.

This magical sponge has pretty much replaced all my face brushes!! Makes foundation application super quick and flawless. Clean up can be a little tedious but brush cleaning is just as bad. The appropriate cleanser makes a world of a difference :)