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Clean Finish Foundation


No Longer Available D.
One of My Favorites!
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I've been loving this foundation ever since I've bought it months ago. It really does give you a CLEAN FINISH! This formula is a little thick (mousse like), but definitely doesn't feel like that when you put it on. It doesn't look cakey and blends really great. You just gotta work with it fast because it dries pretty quick. This foundation looks very nice and gives a matte finish. This foundation is light to medium coverage. So if you are looking for a full coverage this isn't for you. I find that this foundation evens out my skin. It's long lasting. It's suppose to minimize your pores but because mine aren't big, I can't really say if that part of this product is true. A few cons are it doesn't contain SPF and is not for people with dry skin because it's a matte foundation. I love that it comes with a spatula. Some might think it's unsanitary, but if you take the steps to prevent that you will be fine. I just wash my hands prior to putting it on and spoon some of it on the back on my hand. That's it. This foundation is super affordable and definitely worth trying especially if you really love a light, flawless, and matte finish!

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Marian H.
Mixed Feelings

I bought this foundation at Walmart and it was about 4.43, which it was awesome but I'm just gonna put the cons and pros

Pros: ITS CHEAP! AND IT WORKS REALLY WELL FOR ITS PRICE. the spatula keeps it mess free. the coverage its absolutely great (at least for me). Isnt heavy at all. Cons: It oxides like hell!!!!!!!!! gets oily on me like after 4 hours I cant set it. is not sweat resistant -.- dries fast and if not well blended can leave marks. hard to work with**

I think thats all. **The reason why I placed the hard to work in the cons is because is the kind of foundation that you need to work side, by side, by side. To me is not an issue bcuz the Colorstay dries even faster and thats the foundation I use most of the time, so blending this one was no big deal.

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Brittany Y.
I use this just about everyday!
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I picked this up at Target a few weeks ago because it was extremely cheap and wanted a new lightweight foundation for everyday use. The first day I used it I used I didn’t use a primer and my face looked flawless and at the end of the day the foundation stayed on pretty well. The next day I used a primer and the foundation lasted longer. It’s easy to blend, I prefer using my fingers with this foundation. I currently mix a bit of this with my daily moisturizer and set it with Bare Minerals foundation. The cool the thing about the packaging is that the bottle doesn’t have a pump but it does have a spatula attached to the top. It makes it easy to scoop out the right amount of product.

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Stephanie D.

Blends in great and it covers while still looking very natural. Also, since I have try skin it doesn't look cakey and leaves a nice glow and only minimal powder is needed after. I bought this foundation on a whim and I'm not going back :)

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Lee-Lee P.
definitly cheap

It was really cheap, so i bought it. When you put on a lot, it gets really cakey and absolutely discusting. If you put it on just right it gets a really ugly, oily color. I had a light shaded one and it looked yellow-ish when i put it on. It made my face look dead.

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Pink E.
Finally i have found my foundation love!!!

This foundation is great! Never have i been able to find the right foundation until trying this one...i use it in natural caramel and the color fits my skin beautifully. I love the spatula it comes with on the inside of the cap and it leaves a matte finish just like it says though i still use a translucent powder to set it even better. it doesn't offer that much coverage to cover as much as i want too but it is buildable and stays true to its poreless finish....this foundation is amazing and i will definitely be rebuying

Elizabeth S.
love this

This is the best drug store foundation I have own. It has a matte and lightweight finish that just makes my skin look smooth. It really does control shine and it does last through the day. I would recommend a primer to make it last longer especially if you have long days but if you just wear it by itself it last through your school day. It is about 5$ which is a good price for someone in a budget and the lid is an applicator paddle stick which helps scooping it to the last drop. (: I am a content user of this product and it is my everyday foundation.

Jordan L.
Love the light feeling without sacrificing coverage!

I purchased the matte version of this on a whim, because I needed some foundation ASAP. I loved the little spatula-type wand, and the make-up works really well for me. I have combination skin, and it really helped tone down the oily areas and didn't dry out the dry spots. I also didn't feel like I had tons of it caked onto my face, which is really nice. I will definitely be repurchasing this. :)

Courtney S.
My everyday foundation!

I LOVE this foundation! I love the packaging! Instead of opening it and seeing a big whole, I like it cuz once when you open it the there's a wand where you can scoop the product out. It's not watery or thick at all. This product is so light and especially using a stippling brush to apply it onto my face is supper awesome! This foundation last me all day! It doesnt make my face look oily or caked! Very affordable and I will definitely repurchase this item!

Nicole R.
Feels great.

I LOVE this product. I don't even feel like I'm wearing it at all! Best of all it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything either. It is easy to blend and I don't get as many breakouts at the end of the day. Best foundation I have tried yet.