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love <3

I always come back to buying this. The tip isn't the softest but i dont mind it doesnt hurt, it all depends on your hand. It lasts all day & night, i wear it every single day. Everyone always says wow i love your liner when i wear it. Well it's this. for 3.99$ it's fabulous for now :)

2 face opinion :)

I decided to try this mascara because i wanted to try something new other than my usual Lash Blast. It's definitely very black and makes my lashes super long and thick, but i hate the fact that even though i purchased the smudge-proof/waterproof version it smudges under my eyes sometimes and ruins my concealer. But when it comes to the point of removing it, it's almost impossible so i need to find a new eyemakeup remover to remove it. Other than that it really works well. :)

i like it alot!

its soft! a wonder to apply eyeshadows as well as my concealer, im so glad my bf bought me this! hehe smart guy! for a $1 no complaints at all.


i love this brand, i have so many colors and they are all great! for $0.99-1.99 they are a steal. some go on sheer but i take my time and apply them well and they last long on me, especially with a topcoat.

i love this! the wax is tinted so sometimes i just use that to shape up my eyebrows and i use the powder when i want them to look fuller, i just wish the powder was a little darker. I think i might try the darker one, does anyone know if its nice?

For a $1 it's great. It's sheer but try to have clean eyes when applying because it can cake up or get your eyelid weird looking. It definitely holds eyeshadow really well and i always use it if i know im gonna have a long night having fun. :)

I usually use this mascara but i feel it doesn't work like it used to... It definitely lengthens my eyelashes ery nicely but i see it doesn't thicken them up like i would like. But otherwise a good buy .

Alot of people dont like the price but i think it's good quality. The color i have goes on a pretty taupe-ish color (like gray with brown undertones) and sheer. But after a while i keep adding coats to make a more full coverage nail and it looks beautiful in both ways. It may need a few coats but its totally worth it.

I really wanted to love it

The price is cheap but it smells so horrible. And it burned my eyes! I just couldn't find myself using it again. I rather use olive oil instead. or Cyzone's Xpress your face waterproof makeup remover. It smells amazing and leaves my skin so soft! With one swipe EVERYTHING comes off. :)

I was kind of skeptical at first because of the glitter and the price but when i got used it i fell inlove! very pigmented and a nice variety of colors!

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