Wet N Wild

H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner

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Tamia D.

This is the best drugstore eyeliner around. It stays on all day and is literally waterproof. My go to when I'm on a budget. My fav is the ultra black for my perfect cat eye or winged liner.

Alexa M.

Although the wet and wild mascaras do not fit me, I LOVE THIS EYELINER.

I used this eyeliner for my dance recitle, and forgot to wash off my lile 10 pounds of makeup (xD) and in the morning it still looked amazing.

This stays on untill u clean it off.


Elizabeth S.
love it!

Great pricing and pigmentation! It is waterproof, which means its long lasting and doesn't crack. It's under 4$, super cheap if you ask me. I haven't had a hard time like others removing it. I usually use two makeup removing wipes and that does the job. I do it gently and I don't wake up with raccoon eyes lol. Have been using this for almost 2 years now! Wouldn't change a thing about it.

Camryn H.
favorite drugstore eyeliner

this stuff DOES NOT come off. this is the main liquid eyeliner i use because i can't afford to be dropping $20 or more on high-end eyeliner, but I like this just as much and maybe even more than high-end. Very pigmented. Does come out a bit streaky but applying a bit more ink to it will do the trick. I like the applicator, not sure why some people don't, because a lot of high-end eyeliners I've had tend to dry out at the tips, making only the sides of the applicator pigmented and useful. This one does not dry out at the top, therefore making it easy to fix small mistakes or extend wings precisely.

Diana D.

The applicator on this totally sucks, a shame because the liner itself seems to have good staying power... but what good is that really when the application is streaky? I strongly recommend Wet N' Wild's gel eyeliner over this. Pass this one up.

Katrina L.

It works really well, but when it says long lasting, don't take that lightly. You literally can't get this off even with a makeup wipe. Super tricky for your first liquid liner.

Elizabeth T.
Tricky for newbs, but a good liner

If you're just figuring out how to apply liquid liner, steer clear of this. If you smudge, be prepared to be cleaning it up with powerful makeup remover since it really is water-proof. But, if you've got some experience and need a liner that will last all day, this is an awesome option. It's dirt cheap, but applies well as long as you've got the skills, and doesn't crease or look unnaturally shiny as the day goes on. The tip is rather firm, so be warned. Will buy this again, for sure.

Alondra G.
one of the best

I love this stuff!!! It stays put all night and day and has great color. I wont complain , i like the brush its not super hard and not super soft. I like it bcause it gives good application without messing up. I dont know why everyones complaining, it says what its advertising!!!!! Use coconut oil rubbed in to remove and wipe off. Geeeeez ladies lol. This stuff is my second favorite eyeliner. At only about 3$!!! Amazinggggg

Katz L.
love <3

I always come back to buying this. The tip isn't the softest but i dont mind it doesnt hurt, it all depends on your hand. It lasts all day & night, i wear it every single day. Everyone always says wow i love your liner when i wear it. Well it's this. for 3.99$ it's fabulous for now :)

Jessi P.

This stuff is NOT for people who are just learning to use liquid eyeliner. When they say water proof, they mean it.

I've been using this for years and I love it. I was having problems with my liquid eyeliner coming off through the day but this one rarely needs a touch up. It's inexpensive at $3-$4. And my cat eyes stay on all day! The brush is hard rather than soft but I suppose I've been using it for so long that I'm just used to it and it doesn't bother me. Once you've used it a few times it gets a little softer.

If you're having problems taking it off, you need a stronger eye makeup remover...I use Almay makeup remover pads and they work just fine for removing it.