Desert Essence

Hand and Body Lotion


Julianne J.
Used it to the last drop!

Hey, Guys! Haven't written a review in EONS!

So, I've been treating my body healthier, inside and out- especially since I'm dealing with a ton of food allergies and sensitivities. I thought I was allergic to Vitamin E because it can be sourced from wheat, but realized the hives I was getting was from a hot change in temperature! So when I bought this, I was looking for something really natural and stripped down, but still had that creamy, nicely scented drugstore lotion feeling. This fits the bill! I'm now avoiding all fragrance (headaches) but when I got this, the scent was not too overpowering. It had a true coconut scent, with maybe a hint of vanilla. It spread evenly and richly, loved the creamy texture. The packaging is very nice and the price is OK. I got it at my local co-op but you can find this brand in some grocery stores. Desert Essence is my new favorite brand because it excludes so many ingredients but has such a luxurious quality, that is sure to make you feel clean. The price point is a little higher but still in the grocery store range. Its such a great brand and I hope it catches on. I would definitely repurchase the other ones, now that I know they weren't causing my hives, but I'd need to be careful, due to my fragrance sensitivity.