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Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss


Katie G.
Definite recommend - very long lasting. Little fade.

Kate Moss has a great lipstick range and I've always wanted a red but didn't have the confidence to wear it. After already liking and having one of Kate Moss' lipsticks before, I decided to purchase number 01 - the red. The colour is great, very pigmented. Doesn't bleed. Lasts a very long time, although I do reapply after a while, especially after eating (probably isn't needed). All round great lipstick range - absolutely adore them. Only downfall is that after a few hours the colour does fade a little, typically on the inner of the lips. Definitely recommend.

Ashley L.

I tried this lipstick over the summer when i was staying a friends and i loved it. I was in shoppers yesterday and saw it again and i bought it. I had put it on at 4:30. It looked untouched still at 11:30. I love how its not shiny, nor super matte. Its one of my favourite lipsticks but not as good as others I've tried

Ellie K.

I recently bought this lipstick due to the nude lip trend at the moment and I fell in love! This is such a perfect "my lips but better" deep rosey-mauvey nude, and as I have naturally quite dark lips, it can be tricky to find a nude that looks natural on me. This wears well, around 6 hours on me, and applies smoothly and evenly, as well as applying well over itself.

Mackenzie R.

It doesn't have the shade listed here. But I love hat it dries quickly and I don't have to keep reapplying like the other lipsticks. It doesn't smudge and it comes off easily with makeup remover. The price also great!

Abi W.
kate moss lipstick

first of all i need to say mines in a red packet not black lol. i dont know the difference. shade - 101 colour - pink , not barbie pink but not pale pros - really pretty colours variety of colours good price moisturising cons- paler colours appear flakey overall a really nice lipstick i would recommend!

Kendra H.
Perfect Red lip

This is the ONLY liptsick I use (shade 12: Rosetto) to do my red lip! It has great staying power and the only complaint I have is that it's a tad bit drying. However, that can be fixed with lip balm underneath or a lipgloss overtop! I think it's great and I would recommend if you wear red lips a lot and NEED it to stay put! Good job Rimmel!

Jacqlyn W.
Well done, Rimmel!
Photo of product included with review by Jacqlyn W.

I honestly cannot recommend this lipstick enough!

There are many shades ranging from natural nudes to bold reds to pretty pinks. I only had enough money for one, so this was a very hard decision. After looking at them all I came across the color 109. It's a very bright color that crosses between a red and a coral, but it's more on the coral side to me. (Just to throw this out there, they also have lip liners to match some of the lipsticks, but I'm not into lip liners just yet!) I happily bought it and tried it on right when I got in the car. The first thing I noticed was a very fresh smell. If you don't like products that have a scent, I might stay clear of this lipstick. The scent does seem to fade away a little after applied. I'm in love with the packaging. It's very simple and not too extreme looking. I always go towards products that have simple packaging. Why you ask? Well, because in my opinion, I feel like when products use very bold, very noticeable designs on their packaging, that sometimes the actual product isn't all that good. Not all the time but sometimes. I know they do that to grab your attention but I just feel like it's not necessary sometimes.

I applied this lipstick on my lips and instantly noticed it didn't dry out my lips but it also wasn't super moisturizing looking. I don't like when my lips look so hydrated that they look wet, so that was a plus. It's a very pigmented color. One layer was enough but two was insane. It's definitely more pigmented layered, but with just one swipe, it's still good. As the day went by I forgot I was wearing it. I went to look in the mirror and it had actually clumped off a little. There was color missing in some spots while other spots still held the color. I took it off and reapplied, this time with some chapstick. I blame myself for the fading of this lipstick because I do tend to have dry lips sometimes. I didn't notice any feathering though, which is when the lipstick bleeds out of the actual lip shape. This is why lip liners are probably handy! I applied the lipstick again and wore it throughout the day. I was impressed. It stayed on my lips, perfectly pigmented for hours. This lipstick is a part of the Long Lasting line, which claims 8 hours but I don't believe that. It does last long but not 8 hours. I would say it lasts maybe 5 hours and could even last a little longer if you primed your lips with a lip primer. I'm not positive on the full 8 hours but it may be possible!

Pros: Pigment is amazing Lasts long (especially for a drugstore lipstick) Color selection Affordable Wasn't drying No 'feathering' or 'bleeding'

Cons: The smell (it smells fresh but to some it may be too much) Flakes (if you don't use chapstick and have some dryness on the lips)

The color I got isn't an option to pick on here, so I'll post a swatch below.

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Layelle E.
Photo of product included with review by Layelle E.

SMELLS AMAZING!! Looks amazing, feels amazing, one lippy I can't go without.. Here is me wearing the darker shade 04 seriously in love :) if you like to rock dark lips this is highly recommended

Shania  Anne C.
Love it!

The packaging is so cute and it doesn't chap my lips. The shade is a cute nude pink color that gives my lips a little pop. I like to use it as blush sometimes and it me a natural flushed look. Overall, it's pretty good compared to other brands

Dakota D.
Great quality drug store lipstick💋
Photo of product included with review by Dakota D.

For a drug store lipstick, I love this. I have this lipstick in shade 11. A deep red. This color lasts all day and doesn't fade. It is very cream, moisturizing and goes on smooth. I suggest wearing a lip liner because it can bleed. The best part about this lipstick is it smells like cherrys. Great product.