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Went back and forth between liking and not liking this

I got this awhile ago, but once trying it the first time, I wasn't hooked. I bought into the hype, but also the non-hype, so I tossed it into the the depths of my purse, where the cute package got all dirty and gross. I recently wanted to apply a chapstick really quick, maybe after a shower, and then realized I liked the silky texture, scent/taste, and ease of application. I had originally gotten the strawberry one and the honey dew one- now I still like the honeydew better, but I'm actually using them both and not letting them go to waste. They are a little addicting- I can see the nub wearing a tiny bit down already. I like the initial feeling, but the product just wears off in a few hours (doesn't absorb to my knowledge) - thus getting you addicted as you need to reapply. Its gimicky in that respect, plus there's the wow factor of making the balm sit in a sphere. I would say its just like any other chapstick, except the silkiness on application, cute colored package with a little twist and lock feature, and flavor/scents are quite nice.

Works well enough for me, but not the best

I got this because the last few mascaras I got were not good for my bottom lash line. I needed something more precise, so I figured the super skinny brush would be good for that. It does get a little clumpy/spidery on the bottom lashes (which I like sometimes) but looks nice on the top- good definition/length/natural looking/wispy. I like how easy it is to maneuver the bottom lashes and the lack of sturdiness and its subsequent flimsiness works on the top lashes to push up my lashes at the water line and curl them upwards. But, this does transfer to my undereye creases- something my other two were doing! So the search is still on. Or I need to prime my eyes even when I'm going shadow free. I was pleasantly surprised with this, but it STILL wasn't satisfying my mascara NEEDS! I can see why its not a favorite, but it does have cute packaging! <3

Pleasantly surprised!

I will admit I've become a bit of a mascara fiend of late....but that happens once you realize all the different kinds of mascara, brushes, etc. I didn't know jackshizz about mascara and now I do- so I am "collecting". I also am mega into Rimmel London stuff and loved their Scandaleyes Volume Flash mascara so I had a hunch their other mascaras wouldn't be too bad. I always check my BL reviews, and this pup scored pretty well- and in this instance I needed a specific mascara for my bottom lashes. My Badgal and Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume mascaras needed to be trashed, and since I loved using those mini sizes for my long bottom lashes, it was time for a replacement.

CONS: This transferred to my under eye creases, so I use it only for the top lashes. The brush is a little flimsy but I've grown to like it.

PROS: Whilst the brush is a little flimsy I like to use that to really push the lashes up, exposing the waterline, to really work the mascara in and help push/curl my lashes. I like the definition and length I got with this. My lashes look wispy and natural, but more stand out. So, it didn't work the way I initially wanted but, I realized it was a great mascara anyway.

Not the best, but nice for a change

I know what works for me as far as makeup wipes go- Neutrogena all the way! But, There are sooo many wipes out there, so when I'm bored, I like to explore. I also like working my way through BB's line, so now I'm here.

PROS: Light, fresh scent, nice texture, pretty moist. Can be used as a quick face wipe when I don't have time to wash my face- very refreshing and cleansing, and is OK at removing makeup from my hand when I use it as a palette. Love the packaging- keeps the product from drying out, and its cute. I'm not sure this Sensitive formula is any better than the other one, but its nice.

CONS: I feel like these could be damper, and they're easier to whip through (which is a plus for me, but still). I wasn't a hundred percent certain these were cleaning my face the first time around. I use multiple wipes in a sitting but the day after there was still makeup residue. My Neutrogena wipes cut through tons of MU, and gently. It took many wipes to get off all the eye makeup. It also had a hard time taking off the MU on the back of my hand (using it as a palette when I work).

Soft and Silky- great as a MU primer!

I love samples and trying products I haven't tried yet, so I was psyched when my gf who sells Mary Kay had all her samples with her. ( I've never tried AVON, Mark, or Mary Kay). I got a ton of samples from her and I already love the blushes. Plus, the samples are pretty hefty. The blushes say one use, but I got maybe 2 or 3 uses outta them, and the sample of this moisturizer will last you a good 4 days to a week if you use sparingly. This sample was quite generous and easy to use as you just cut the plastic pouch's top and dispense from there. It had a light scent and the lotion had an almost creme/gel consistency and a silicone feel once applied to skin. It kept my skin a little moist, and less flaky, and because it has that silky finish, it made for an ideal MU primer. I'm not always the biggest fan of that super silky feel, but this was still creamy and moisturizing and not only worked as a great facial moisturizer but would make a great primer. I'm all about using products that have multiple uses, so this one was great, especially seeing as how I got such a hefty sample- which gave me enough time to formulate an opinion and let me write an accurate review. I don't know if I would get it full size, or try it in combo with the rest of the Velocity line, but its is a pretty sound moisturizer/primer.

Very Nice primer, feels luxurious.

I got a mini of this with the purchase of my Lorac Pro Palette, which is nice because I didn't need to run out and get the corresponding eye primer to go with my palette. The design of the tube is very luxe and Hollywood glam feeling (as is most LORAC stuff, I presume). I like that its a squeeze tube and that its small so it comfortably fits in my train case and is perfect for travel. I kinda like/don't like the slanted top. While its fits comfortably on the lid it is a little easy to squeeze too much and its hard to see how much you squeeze if you apply directly to the lid. Plus, a little bit will cake the top, so be careful to clean it and try not to be wasteful. Its best to put a little on your finger, then hand apply. I almost would have liked this to have a tiny needle nose tip, but its fine as it is. I will say that you only need the smallest amount. If you apply too much you will run the risk of creasing- which is exactly what you don't want! I've had some creasing with this due too much product/other products on my lids- so keep your application light. The formula is very silky so just the tiniest dab with spread evenly. It has a silky, silicone feel, quite similar to the TFSI. It is nothing like the creamy/tacky UDPP, Elf Lid Primer or Palladio Herbal Primer and nothing like the wet and creamy Benefit's Stay Don't Stray (if you would like a comparison). This primer works great with the Pro Palette shadows and I'm glad I got it with the purchase cuz I'm kinda a primer nut!

HG eyeshadow palette! By far my go to and most used!

For xmas 2013 there were soo many awesome kits and palettes floating around- so hard to choose. I was stuck between the Carried Away set by Tarte and Too Faced's Shadow Bon Bons. But the Lorac Pro was a constant want, and seeing as how I don't have the Nakeds 1 and 2 or the Naked Basics, I figured this would be a good nude palette dupe. Its more than that and I couldn't be happier with it! Pros: Cheaper than the Nakeds, has luxue, creamy shadows and silky mattes, sleek, lightweight package with magnetic enclosure, easy to store and flip up and use, has everything you need! You get jewel toned smokey shades, and a ton of neutrals. I love the mattes on the top and use those the most. White, Cream and Light Pink make great lid and highlight colors, as do the shimmers Nude and Champagne on the bottom row. I love the uniqueness of Mauve and its versatility- smokey eye blend out/crease. Taupe is a great smokey eye blender shade and I use Taupe at the brow base with Sable in the middle and Espresso at the tail. Ta Da! Perfect brows! Espresso is great for a brown liner and Black is a perfect smokey eye base or liner. Sable is wonderful for soft smokey eyes. Lt. Bronze is a great lid color, Gold is great on the lower lash line, Pewter doubles as a smokey eye/crease/lid color and is super unique, and as is Garnet, which is also versatile. (Can go with Pewter or darker with Deep Purple and Slate). Deep Purple and Slate round out the palette, making it a smokey eye, as well as neutrals eye palette! Its perfect for travel, has a pretty good mirror and its been my most used palette. I just find myself compelled to play with it more and more and its so easy to pop on some shadow in the morning and it will look fool-proof. The top row of mattes look excellent with black winged liner- so you have your pin-up looks right there. Most used shades: Cream and Taupe. Most unique: Mauve, Pewter and Garnet. Cons: There are hardly any, but I will mention that the package gets easily scuffed, even with gentle handling, so it will not remain matte black like it comes in the mail. Also, Mauve for instance is a little stiffer to work with, so if your brush is at all a little damp it will be hard to blend this shade out- or even when your brush is dry- so just take your time a little with Mauve- but the extra second or two is worth it as looks just gorgeous in the crease with some browns, or as a transition blending color. Its really a stand out shade in the palette, and I feel like a lot of palettes include shimmery roses but NOT matte mauves. All in all, love these buttery shadows- with their ease of use, and range of looks. LORAC makes insanely good shadows and this palette deserves all the hype it gets!

Very versatile brush

I got this because I got my first MAC MSF and needed a good blush to apply it with. These positive reviews helped me get this one! I like the thick handle and fluffy brush head, but almost would like it to be a kabuki as to grab more product. You really have to press in the compact to get the MSF out and I hope I'm not being wasteful. But I do like it for that. I also like using this for blush/contour/highlighting. This is a great brush to blend your contour and blush out, and perfect for spot highlighting, as well as mopping away fall out from your shadows. I like that with a few swipes you can powder your whole face- its super quick and efficient! EcoTools were some of my first makeup brushes and they are STILL a favorite of mine. Very high quality makeup brushes hidden in your drugstore!

Silky texture

I got a sample of the TFSI with my order of the Naked Eye Collection- which was great because I thought I might need to run out and buy it (I like to use the same brands for eye primer and shadow first, THEN mix and match). The sample is pretty hefty but its hard not to accidentally dry it out when its opened, even when tucked in a plastic sandwhich baggie. Nevertheless, the formula still holds up even when it thickens. Anyway, I've heard so many great things about this primer I was glad to finally get it, even as sample (I was beginning to think I was the only girl on the planet that didn't have this!). Texture wise this is very silicone-y- super silky, a texture I kinda love/hate. I don't think I creased up much, but I have been so often lately regardless of the primers I've been using. Oh well. This primer almost resembles the Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer. Its too silky to be like the UDPP, which is more tacky and putty-like and Benefit's Stay Don't Stray is wet and creamy, nothing like this one. If you really like that slippery smooth finish this is the eye primer for you. I would get it again, but its not tops on my list, right this moment.

My go to for cat eyes!

I hadn't done a lot of cat eyes in awhile and was in the mood and realized my UD liquid liner that I had for ages was just about used up (or had expired). So I looked around for a cheapie but goodie, and all you ladies had good things to say about this one. Plus, I had been wanting to try out a Prestige product. I really like this liner. I like brushes- not felt tip pens, and this is sorta a hybrid. I can make smooth lines with barely any skips, and I can really go far into my inner corners and still be precise. I love how easy it is to create wings (maybe I'm better with them now, though). This product is one of my go tos in my morning routine. Its small, quick to use and gives great results. I like the formula and have only seen the tiniest hints of creasing- but nothing major. I'd suggest this liner to anyone, and I'm thinking of trying their other colors in the future.

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