Sleek Makeup

Au Naturel i-Divine Palette


Fiona W.

This is an amazing palette, I wasn't really expecting a lot from it as it is really well priced, but literally all of the shades have good pigmentation. I think that you can create many different looks from this. Definitely recommend this palette, and I will be buying more of these in different shades!

Lara I.
Incredibile palette

I love it, it's one of the best palette I think, I bring it everywhere and I apply it for every occasion!! I have other sleek's palette but I think that it's the best of the best ("So special" will be my next purcase I think, because it must be beautiful too)!!

Wendy P.
great palette!

i really like this palette. it mainly consist of matte shades and some satin and shimmery shades. the top row(light matte colours) aren't very pigmented as i thought it would be, but it is a natural palette so i guess its a good thing. the bottom row + last colour on top row are very buttery and very pigmented. this palette is perfect to put in a makeup bag as it is very "sleek" and perfect for neutral every day eyes looks as well as a dramatic smokey eye!

Julianne J.
Great netural palette with an ever better price point!

Sleek is brand I got really interested in about a year ago, especially when makeup XMAS shopping. I almost wish I liked in the UK so I could have even easier access to these products via pharmacies! What I really like about Sleek is their amazing prize point coupled with the quality. In that way they remind me a little of NYX. Besides this palette, which I got a little on a whim, I wanted to get their blushes last year, and their contour kit/blush/face kits this year. Although I am nearly drowning in neutral eye shadow palettes (happily drowning :D) I find this one to be really useful. I love the sleek (pun intended) portability and compact feel for it, its little and easy to throw in a makeup bag when traveling, and the packaging is sturdy and really cute. I love this for quick, easy looks, but it has the ability to create some lovely dark smokey eyes. I love grey and golden rod/orange shades and this has both. It also has great lid/tearduct highlight shades as well as crease shades. The bottom row has a dark brown, and a reddish dark brown- so I use those shades on the base and tail of my brows. It creates a really beautiful brow. So this eye palette also doubles as brow kit, which sometimes I use this more as! Although I've had it for a year, there are still shades I have left to explore, and looks to make, but I'm in no rush. If you're looking for a cheaper Naked dupe or neutral palette but don't want to skimp on quality, please think about this! The only con might be the fact you have to order online, and I've heard the customer service can be sub-par. But its worth the risk. This came perfectly packaged without an imperfection in sight. I definitely recommend Sleek to makeup lovers and especially beginners. You can't beat the price coupled with great quality. They also have a really extensive range of eyeshadow palettes, so there is something for everyone, no matter their color preference! I also really love the affixed mirror- it stays pretty clean and is so crisp and clear. Very helpful for using the palette, especially when I do my brows.

Jasmine-faith B.

Sleek make-up always manages to surprise me with how good it actually is! Foundation wise I'd stick to mac or Estée Lauder. However I prefer this eye pallet to my urban decay naked eye pallet that everyone raves about! The eyeshadow goes on a treat and great for making natural or dramatic looks as well as being affordable! Give it a go ladies it will surprise you, I use it religiously xoxo

Eline F.

Great palette for everyday use. It has a great variety of colors, the top half has more matte lighter shades and the bottom half more darker, shimmery shades. the shimmery shades are more pigmented than the lighter shades but the lighter shades are still very buildable in color. It also has a highlighter color and a matte black colour which is really usefull. Recommended!

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