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It's my red!

I have been absolutely obsessed with red eyeshadow since I saw the Limecrime venus palette, however I refuse to buy it due to the whole LC security breach/nastiness to customers/CEO is a bitch /etc. I found this in my local beauty store (, which sells NYX. These are few and far between in the UK. My eye caught on Rust, I picked up the tester to give to swatch. It is GORGEOUS! It doesn't make me look like I have conjunctivitis, pink eye or a bad cold. It suits my green eyes perfectly and I got so many compliments. I adore Rust, I adore NYX. The colour payoff is fantastic, it lasts all day without primer, it doesn't crease and is so easy to blend. Plus it's a dupe for MAC Cranberry. What's not to love?

  • LL3

I have LL3 (a rich red, similar to MAC Ruby Woo, Too Faced Eastwood Red) and LL11 (a deep plum, similar to Topshop Depth, MAC Smoked Purple) and they are gorgeous! They are lovely to wear on their own or under a lipstick. They are very, very pigmented and do not feather or smudge and stop lipsticks feathering or smudging. They can be drying (I am yet to find a lipliner that isn't), so I'd suggest wearing a little lipbalm underneath. But I love these lipliners and will definitely be buying more.

Omg it's green!

Okay, so when I fist saw this, I said to my friend "it's green...". However, I soon realised that TMLP stands for Turn My Lips Pink! This product reacts to the melatonin in your skin and turns your very own shade of pink! Mine is a bright, gorgeous fuschia pink and is incredibly long-lasting. What I mean by long-lasting is that it doesn't come off from kissing, eating, drinking and I'm lucky if my makeup remover takes it off. I went out last Saturday night and even on Sunday afternoon I still had it on. It starts off as a lipstick which then stains your lips. It's incredibly pigmented and non-drying, which is fantastic for someone who is prone to extremely dry lips. I love this lipstick and it was very cheap, it's my go-to for everyday!


I use this concealer in the shade Fair and it's a fantastic full-coverage liquid concealer. It is incredibly easy to blend, lasts without a primer and covers everything. I have combo skin so do touch it up once (I apply it at 7am and touch up about 1pm) but it looks flawless. I apply mine either with a RT stippling brush, RT expert face brush or BareMinerals max coverage concealer brush. it really blurs the skin. You can apply it with your fingers but I prefer the finish with a brush. It has a matte finish but doesn't look cakey. I use this on its own with a pressed mattifying powder and it works well. It'd work great on top of a foundation too. I've also 'cooked' this concealer and it works well but does make it slightly more difficult to blend. All in all, I really love this concealer and it's definitely worth the hype


I brought this contour kit as it had been raved about so much and as a standby/practice until I got the KA sculpting powder. The first time I tried it I was a bit merh on it, but I think that was my slight inability to contour. I gave it a bit of practice, worked out how to contour my face shape and I absolutely adore it. I use it in Light and the contour colour is great, matte, clearly not a repackaged bronzer, very pigmented, easy to blend and stays put for hours. The highlighter is pretty but really not very pigmented and seems to have large flecks of glitter in. It's good for a VERY natural highlight. Overall, I love the contour powder but the highlighter is a bit iffy. Definitely worth the (very!) cheap price

I'm not one to pass up a 2 in 1!

What can I say? I love these! I found Eastwood Red in TKMAXX for ?6 (GBP) and thought I might as well...and I'm so glad I did! The colour payoff is fab, it's so red! And you get the lip injection, which I didn't actually know about until I put it on and my lips were tingling, that'd teach me to read the box! I love this so much, such a pretty shade and great pigmentation :)

So pretty and pigmented!

This review is for 2 shades, Azure and Copper.

Copper - I LOVE this shadow. It's so pretty and is incredibly pigmented. It's long lasting with and without primer and is really glittery. It's not as easy to blend as some of my other shades but as I only paid ?2.99 (GBP) in TKMAXX, I can't complain!

Azure - Not as pigmented as Copper but still a lovely colour and payoff. This is a shimmery rather than glitter shade. Not as easy to blend as Copper but a little goes a long way. I love to use this as an eyeliner as it stays put, again with and without primer.

Both eyeshadows don't transfer or crease with or without primer :) will definitely be buying more!

I ADORE these!!:D

I love these lipsticks so much! I have Paris (middle) and Snow White (bottom). They're so pigmented, creamy and smooth. They last all day, even without lipliner. Would definitely recommend getting these:D

Love these:)

I have two of these polishes (Pinstripe White and Lavender Cupcake) and they do last a long time! I've had mine on for about a week and has had no chips in it whatsoever:) you do need 2 coats for a block colour, and I've had no problems with peeling polish like I do with other brands. Love them:)

HG Nail Polishes!

I have 174 Nails Inc nail polishes (I counted!) and I love them all! My favourites are Porchester Square (a grey-brown-purple, dependant on light and what you're wearing!), Basil Street (a nude), Black Taxi (black), Jermyn Street (a pinky-brown) and Shoreditch (a hot pink). They last forever, even without the base/topcoat combo, and last even longer with! I am constantly using my hands and they never chip or peel! They're worth the price and I cannot recommend Nails Inc enough!

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