NYX Cosmetics

Single Eyeshadow


Hannah K.
It's my red!

I have been absolutely obsessed with red eyeshadow since I saw the Limecrime venus palette, however I refuse to buy it due to the whole LC security breach/nastiness to customers/CEO is a bitch /etc. I found this in my local beauty store (www.thebeautystore.co.uk), which sells NYX. These are few and far between in the UK. My eye caught on Rust, I picked up the tester to give to swatch. It is GORGEOUS! It doesn't make me look like I have conjunctivitis, pink eye or a bad cold. It suits my green eyes perfectly and I got so many compliments. I adore Rust, I adore NYX. The colour payoff is fantastic, it lasts all day without primer, it doesn't crease and is so easy to blend. Plus it's a dupe for MAC Cranberry. What's not to love?