Lasting Perfection Concealer


Nic N.

Because I'm a 12 year old girl, I'm just getting into makeup and I'm usually the kind of person to regret pretty much everything I've ever bought but NOT THIS! I've seen so many YouTubers (me being one of them) raving about this product so I thought I would try it out and I am so impressed with the coverage and the price that comes with it! 5/5 😌💖

Izzy W.
Not a great concealer :/

For one who loves a great blended base with flawless skin and under eye circles, I don't like this. I used to use this concealer all the time when I was a bit younger because for me then it 'did the job' but now seeing the results on my skin, and actually on friends that used it. I dislike it. The concealer is a high coverage concealer, which for a high coverage concealer you want a great well blended colour that highlights slightly. The collection concealer doesn't blend on my skin, no matter what I try, if it does budge it cakes under the eyes. I also tried to use this to cover blemishes/spots and I was horrified 😂 the concealer cakes up around the areas and leaves it more noticeable. Also the colour (which is actually more light than my skin tone) looks darker and a funny colour. Not impressed.

Hannah K.

I use this concealer in the shade Fair and it's a fantastic full-coverage liquid concealer. It is incredibly easy to blend, lasts without a primer and covers everything. I have combo skin so do touch it up once (I apply it at 7am and touch up about 1pm) but it looks flawless. I apply mine either with a RT stippling brush, RT expert face brush or BareMinerals max coverage concealer brush. it really blurs the skin. You can apply it with your fingers but I prefer the finish with a brush. It has a matte finish but doesn't look cakey. I use this on its own with a pressed mattifying powder and it works well. It'd work great on top of a foundation too. I've also 'cooked' this concealer and it works well but does make it slightly more difficult to blend. All in all, I really love this concealer and it's definitely worth the hype

Dani and georgia M.
Amazing Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I have just become a teen and I'm into make up so I watch a lot of youtube for ideas and tips. I have seen many youtubers use this product and I wanted too see if it was as good as they said it was so I bought it a few month ago in the shade light medium and I was amazed! It has a good quality consistency and very good coverage. It is good for covering up dark circles, tiredness under the eyes and makes blemishes disappear it is also great at covering redness. It leaves me with a flawless face and I don't even have to use a foundation. I apply it below my eyes and blend all round my eyes and over redness. I have too say I have tested it against the Rommel wake me up in soft beige and this concealer is quite a bit better and probably a fraction of the price! It leaves a matte finish so you don't have an oily or shiny face. I think it is just amazing, when I had oily skin it was perfect but now I have combination ( due to changes in my skin care and growing up and stuff ) and it is still perfect! Im sure it would be alright for dry skin as well but I can't prove that un fortunately but it does work on the dryer parts of my face! I hope this was help full. Thank you for reading...

Charlotte F.

After having read such good reviews everywhere I was left disappointed. Yes it has good coverage but I found that it looked too cakey on me and was noticeable on my pores. Also I have quite pale skin, the lightest shade was too pale and washed me out almost, but the next shade up is too orangey. Maybe it's just my awkward skin tone?? But it is at a very good price.

Becky R.

I swear by this concealer! I use it everyday alongside benefits boi-ing if I'm having a really spotty day. However out of the two this is my definite favourite. I picked it up in a drugstore for about £4 and honestly wasn't expecting that much from it because it was so cheap, but I was wrong. This concealer never looks cakey and hides blemishes perfectly, it's also my favourite concealer for hiding dark circles under eyes. Best concealer ever, would recommend!

Hayley C.

So cheap and yet one of favourite concealers thick consistency and covers my dark circles well, my only fault would be i find myself having to re-apply it a lot but overall I love this and will be buying this again!

Alison M.

No1 concealer i have used so many different ones but by fair this is the best! Stays on all day and really does cover unwanted spots and under eye bags, it is £6 and so worth it, every one needs this in their makeup bag!! Favourite product from Collection 2000.

Tasnim A.

absolutely love this concealer! gives a good amount of coverage and is a good price too, i use it everyday for my under my eyes and it covers all the dark circles so well.

Poppy N.

This is the best concelor I have ever used, it's amazing I love everything about it, it lasts all day and is very affordable. It's amazing for breakouts as it covers them with ease.