Nails Inc. London

Nail Polish


Hannah K.
HG Nail Polishes!

I have 174 Nails Inc nail polishes (I counted!) and I love them all! My favourites are Porchester Square (a grey-brown-purple, dependant on light and what you're wearing!), Basil Street (a nude), Black Taxi (black), Jermyn Street (a pinky-brown) and Shoreditch (a hot pink). They last forever, even without the base/topcoat combo, and last even longer with! I am constantly using my hands and they never chip or peel! They're worth the price and I cannot recommend Nails Inc enough!

Bellaa A.
Love it!

I have this on my nails at the moment and i have it on for about 1 week! its only chipped on 2 nails but i didn't put a top coat on which probably explains why! The color is a really nice soft pink and its really not that dramatic. (warwich avenue) I would give Nails inc. London nail polishes a 9 because i don't like all of the colors because some are a bit boring

Danielle D.
Can't get enough

I have a ton of Nails Inc Polishes (seen as I live in London these are my go to) and I have many of their colours from China Town, to South Morton Street. I really love application it goes on smooth and is true to colour. the only thing I would love and the reason I didn't give it 5 stars is they take ages to dry. I wish they done a quick dry formula they would be my HG polish.

Mary V.
So chic

Never thought I'd be one for nude colored nails, but with my Sephora gift card burning in my wallet, I thought why not give this a go, could always exchange, right? Very happy I did. Application was smooth, and the product doesn't stain the skin around the nail. Colorwise, Basil Street is just so classy, so chic, so not "dead people's fingers". Yep, That was my weird, big hang-up about nude/beige nail colors--for some reason it just brought to mind zombie hands. Anyhoo, I normally love dark colors, really dark blues, but then some managers at the office made snidish comments about going goth at work (??). Not worth it to battle the corpo types. Now, it's all-business up top, all-me down below: neutrals on my fingers and my beloved darks and brights on my toes.

Leanna G.
A rare streak-free pastel

Ugh, yes. A perfect pastel blue that is reminiscent of cotton candy and lazy summer days. Nails Inc is fast becoming one of my favourite brands thanks to colours and formulas like this.

Leanna G.
Last year's "It" polish for a reason

Flawfree, from the application (two coats and you're good to go) to the shade (incredibly vibrant cobalt). This is a must-have for any collection. Beyoncé's a fan, need I say more?

Alletta F.

Nails inc is the best nail brand I've ever tried. It lasts longer than any other brand. It's easy to apply with precision due to the small brush and perfect consistency. It dries quickly. The colours are fabulous and the specials are original. I'm a busy girl with a special talent for chipping my nail polish; and Nails Inc beats the ever popular OPI and ESSIE on my nails. I just wish there were more colours available to me..

Juyey B.

I love the colours of Nail Inc's polishes and how they look on the nails and for this reason I keep buying the, but even with a top coat and a base coat I find these polishes don't last long without chipping. I know all polishes chip eventually but surely not the same day / day after. This just makes me sad as they are such pretty colours.

Aasiya J.
Vibrant and strong

This nail varnish is amazingly vibrant and has good staying power. Baker street is well suited for summertime fun. The brush is easy to use taking that three stroke process down to two. It does turn matte once applied, but with a great top coat it will shine nicely. I will definetly be investing in nail inc. in the future.

Havana P.
Perfect Cobalt!

I love this color! I wear it quite often. The polish goes on easy and lasts a long time. i get tons of compliments when I wear this color.