Beauty Product Reviews

Back to Basics.

Wowzers. We haven't used this product since...well...since grade school lol. We end up going back to the basics, where the product was simple, affordable, and worked.

Makes your skin glow and glow. But don't use it too much, at most 2-3x a week. Otherwise product won't be effective, as you don't need to exfoliate everyday.

If your saving money, then buy this.

We don't really like this particular product. It gets ride of shine, but it doesn't absorb enough.

Its great if you are on a budget. We normally like to give gifts to our client to touch up with, but we feel like the "blue filmy" ones are better to give away as they have more quality.

Best Makeup Remover

We love this makeup wipe. It takes it all off. From harsh waterproof makeup, to everything else.

We feel its very gentle on the eyes, and you don't have to rub vigorously to get things off, just a gentle swipe and your good.

For mascara, we hold the wipe to our eye for 5 seconds, and then wipe.

The VERY BEST wipe in our option.

Best Lip Conditioner Out there!!!

Trust us, we searched high and low for the BEST Lip Conditioner out there. And we are glad to say, this is THE best (as of right now lol)

Smells great, feel luxurious on the lips.

Why we think its awesome?

-You know when you have dry lips, and you put your conditioner on, and everyone can see you lips starting to peel in big chunks? (gross lol) You can't tell with Fresh. It gently sloughs out your dead skin cells, so if you have a chance to wipe your lips (before you eat) all of it comes off, but very subtly.

-It also plumps your lips gently too.

But don't keep it in your car, or any hot areas, as the product is soft to begin with.

Refreshes your makeup

Fix + is awesome when you need a quick fix on your makeup. If your foundation seems a little too powdery, use a full arm length out, and spray. Fix + will melt your makeup into your skin better, making it appear more natural.

It also works as a eyeshadow/pigment booster. Pick up some product with your brush, spray a little Fix +, and apply. Application will have a more dramatic effect.

Fountain of Youth in a bottle.

With this light weight SPF, we can wear it knowing that it will last longer because of the SPF, and feel like we are barely wearing anything.

Tip: always reapply when getting out of the water. Just because you have a higher SPF, doesn't mean you don't need to reapply.

Always wear Sunblock even though you are not going to the beach. Sun damage is caused by cumalitive exposer.

Travel star

This carry all is great when traveling with all your essential makeup needs.

It fits just about everything you need for 2 weeks of different makeup application. You can even place your hair esstenials in there.

The only thing is that it can get dirty on the outside, but on the inside, you can use a simple makeup remover to take off boo boos.

When you wear this, we want to follow you...

This perfume smells very....well we would follow you every where you went. Its very seductive!! We love it, it has a light floral note, and overall very playful and femine.

Great for oily lids

We love this if you are running around doing stuff.

It holds like no other, especially if you are oily on the eyelids.


-Holds well -Color stay


-Less playing time: So it dries quickly.

Tip: Do paintpot on one lid, then add shadow immediately. Do the same to the other eye.

Min-ute Peel

We used this, and it is awesome :)

Almond Scrub: It feels like the saint ives apricot scrub, but more luxurious. We use it with a wet face, and scrub gently. We experienced mild redness with this step, but felt no irritation.

Lemon Peel: This product doesn't need to be rinsed, and it can be use on your hands, neck, or anywhere else you want to be exfolliated.

Camomile Mask: This cooling mask will set your skin back into normal shape (redness is gone)


-Easy to use -Smells great -See results immediate


-Mild redness with the Almond Scrub (only)

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