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Kestrel R.

My kids use these SO much. They both have oily, acne prone skin, so they are life savers for them. My son loves that they aren't in "girly" packaging. We always have these on hand.

Mary S.

ELF's Shine Erasers are oil blotting sheets. These little blotters make some big promises including: " Absorbs oil and shine, mattifies skin, minimizes pores, keeps skin matte for hours, and has green tea that helps to retexturize skin and mask facial imperfections. These sheets are cruelty free and made in China. They also don't contain any powder. I won this packet in a giveaway by Dela Belle. They retail for $1 for 50 sheets and can be purchased at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/, Target, or Kmart. I don't like the packaging. Shine Erasers come in a flimsy cardboard envelope that's difficult to open and close without tearing. The front of the envelope features a black and white diagram showing where to use Shine Erasers. The illustrated girl does not look pleased to be used as a diagram. The blotting sheets are about 3x4 inches. They're beige and have a speckled look to them, kinda like dinosaur eggs. One used they become transparent and you can see where oil has been absorbed. As I said before, these are powder-free blotters, so they do not leave a powdery finish, nor do they disturb your makeup. Once used, they tend to tear easily. I find ELF's claim about these having a woven texture, considering they're made of paper. Shine Erasers do indeed erase shine and absorb oil very well. I estimate these keep my skin matte for about 4 hours, which I think is pretty good, its better than what most pressed powders do for me. I can get away with using only one sheet, but those with very oily skin might require two. My skin doesn't feel retexturized after using Shine Erasers, unless by retexturized they mean less greasy. I suppose that's what they mean, and if so, all the claims on the back are really repetitive. Also, considering these sheets don't leave behind powder, how are they supposed to mask imperfections? ELF makes some frustratingly stupid claims about Shine Erasers, it kind of turns me off of the product. But if you can look past some silly claims, these are basic oil blotters that work really well. They're great to carry around in your purse for quick touch ups, the flat, small packaging takes up less room than any powder would. I also think they're a great value at $1 for 50 sheets. These blotters might not be enough for people with very oily complexions, but for those with normal, combination, or only slight oily skin, these will certainly get the job done. I suggest picking a packet up next time you're making an ELF order or at Target. Shine Erasers are handy, purse-friendly, super affordable, oil blotters that get the job done. I'll most likely be repurchasing

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Rina N.

I like these because they are extremely affordable. You get a good amount in one packet. They do exactly what they claim. By blotting it on your skin you can start seeing the oiliness in the sheet. It get's clear. And, it works well! It's very small so you can carry it to go.

Clair H.

These do the trick, but you can tell they don't pick up all the oil. Granted, I have really oily skin, so I'd need more than one sheet. But if your skin isn't too oily, these deffinately work. I always just get these ones anyway cause they're the cheapest.

Drea L.

Cute packaging, very earthy feeling to it. I like these. They're thin, but they don't rip easily. They pick up excess oil with 1-2 sheets. & don't ruin or move my make up. I just add a bit of translucent powder to refresh my look and I'm done. Pretty good!

Jen C.

Not my favorite. They look better than others (the blue ones), but they don't compare. They don't remove the shine and just don't do much for me. They don't cost much, but I wouldn't repurchase them.

Louise-Lesley J.

These work well but I find that I have to use more than one sheet to achieve an oil free face where as with other brands I can simply use one sheet.

I also find they leave behind a fine powder that if left would look odd on my really red nose, although I always touch up after I finish using these so it doesn't bother me.

I can't fault the price so they are handy if you can't get anything else.

Face Art Beauty H.
If your saving money, then buy this.

We don't really like this particular product. It gets ride of shine, but it doesn't absorb enough.

Its great if you are on a budget. We normally like to give gifts to our client to touch up with, but we feel like the "blue filmy" ones are better to give away as they have more quality.

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