St. Ives

Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub


Inspired Artistry L.
Leaves micro cuts in the skin

I know I know, so a scrub once a week will make your skin feel like magic, but the truth is if you don't ever really use stuff on your skin this will feel like magic because you have no idea what else is out there and any scrub is better than no scrub. The apricot scurb is tiny granules that will slice the skin. A scrub needs perfect round beads in order not to harm the skin. You won't realize this but on a cellular level you are doing damage and thats the last thing we want. Plus this won't do much for blackheads, you want an acid for that not a scrub. A scrub will only effect the surface not get in and clean everything out. So yes if you want a cheap scrub once a week I suggest Alba pineapple enzyme scrub. Otherwise please do some research and find an exfoliant for your skin type, there are many kinds such as leave ons, masks, and even powder mixes. Scrubs will only activate the oil glands so acne clients stay clear because over time this will only dry your skin out and cause more acne.

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Kim S.

You DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use shells to exfoliate your skin! you are damaging your skin more than anything and I know it feels good and the scrub feels like your getting everything but your damaging your skin and tearing at your pores if anything. The ingredients are very hazardous and this product is very hazardous for your health! Use something with jojoba beads instead as an exfoliator and if you have the money to shell out then buy the clarisonic so you don't need to exfoliate anymore = )

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Anca O.
love it

i use it for years...once a week. i always have to have it in the house! love the smooth feeling, cleans skin like no other product. eliminates blackheads, leaves skin bright, soft and very clean

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Lisa U.

I can't say enough good things about this product. I suffer with Acne and occasional dry patches and this gentle enough to use even though I have sensitive skin. My face always feels soft and squeaky clean after using and I've noticed a difference in my Acne as well. It also feels a lot less abrasive than when I used it as a teenager.

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Janna G.
I'm a lifer!

I have been using this on a weekly basis for over 10 YEARS and I really don't know if anything works better for me (during this time I've tried several others...) It makes my skin feel so cleansed and fresh and glowing. Love it so much and it's so cheap!!!

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Vi-An T.

Really removed my blackheads since my nose really is a problem area. I scrub it on my face twice a week and that's all it takes. I plan on using it on my back for exfoliation and also to avoid backne. Overall a really good product but I can't tolerate using it everyday since it does slough off a lot and that might agitate my skin.

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Stormie P.
My #1 go to scrub

I've been using this scrub for years! I use it every day at least once a day and will never use any other scrub simply because they don't compare. This scrub makes my skin feel clean and refreshed. Not everyone can handle the rough texture (I really don't think it all THAT rough) but if you can it's definitely worth the try.

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Lisa S.
My go-to scrub

I've used this product for several years now and it's great for exfoliation. Some say it's too harsh for daily use, but if I don't use it daily during the winter, my skin gets flaky when I put my face make-up on. During the warmer months I only need to use it every few days though. While it's great for exfoliation, it doesn't do anything for my blackheads or blemishes. They don't get any better, but they don't get any worse either.

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Tiffany R.
Makes a good body scrub.

I personally felt that this scrub was too harsh for you face. The grit was not very fine and began to wonder if it could actually be scratching my face. I now use it on my chest, shoulders, and arms to prevent body acne and keep my skin glowing! So...I wouldn't recommend it for your face, but it's great for your body! Smells great too!

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Priscilla G.
HOLY GRAIL. 💁💁💁💁💁💁

this scrub is my holy grail. the exfoliant balls are "huge" as some say but when you feel your skin after using it, you feel a baby's ass. yes, I SAID IT. A CHILD'S ASS. this scrub right here? keeps my skin soft, clear of acne, smooth, glowing & everything good you can imagine. trying this product out will NOT be a regret.