Ana Maria M.
Feminine & Classy

This is such a beautiful scent that it's actually addicting. I keep finding myself trying to smell myself, LOL. It's very feminine and classy. It's also sweet and flowery without being juvenile. I don't really know what else to say except wearing this makes me feel very special :)

Aldela I.

this perfume is my favorite of all time it has a floral scent very sheer and very light but it last for a day it doesnt smell like a harsh perfume like most of em do.

Jina C.

im obsseded with it. smells saoo good. its not fruity scent, it has a slight sweet scent. it smells gergous idk if that makes sense. i dont really like those perfumes that smells like little girls ( bubblr gum or really fruity scent ) this perfume would match to grown women... idk if that makes sense lol

TC Burcu S.
My favorite parfum !

I feel like roses when I put this on, so girly and pretty, it has a lovely smell, without making you sick of roses though. You just want to keep putting it on ! If you haven't smelled it yet, you should definitely go and smell it, because if you like roses you wont regret it. It smells so great even my boyfriend realised when I had changed parfumes (I had put on A&F perfume 41, also very nice and light, and lasts all day !!) , and he wanted me to put this one back on ! :-D

Toribeth T.

Ì love this perfume. This was a gift for my birthday and i was really happy to recive it as I had been debating wether to purchase it or not because it is pretty expensive. It smells wonderful. Its totally different to any other perfume. Femine but not wishy washy, strong but not overpowering. This scent really dies kast all day. Ì only apply two squirts as you really dont need more. People often ask me what I am wearing so be prepared for lots of compliments! The downside is the price, it is expensive but a bottle does last as you only need to use a small amount. You really do get what you pay for with the scent. This is a top qaulity product and I will purchase it once mine runs out and I recommend this to anyone who wants a qaulity scent with staying power.

Debbie K.

Love this scent dearly. My daughter had it and I had to have it I loved the scent so much. It is not a heavy perfume and although you can smell the scent of roses, it is not too strong. I have received many compliments from men as well as women on this. Makes one feel very pretty when wearing.

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Yamuna K.
Signature Scent

I LOVE this perfume, it is the best scent EVER. I've smelt it on so many people but have never had the chance to ask them what scent they are wearing because I am usually at work making their coffee. I tracked it down by fate, I was walking around the Sephora fragrance aisle and smelt it and sniffed every bottle til I found it. Due to the price I bought it a month later.

This scent is clean and lady like, lasts all day. Everyone will ask what scent you are wearing because it is devine.

Definitely will repurchase the full size once i run out.

Jessica H.

I LOVE Chloe fragrance and I hate perfume. I actually work in a fragrance department. So when I am not at work I hate to smell fragrance. but I love this its light but not to light it spells like perfume but not over overwhelming. I find this fragrance to be the perfect mix of sophisticated and womanly it's classy high end and the longevity of it is PHENOMENAL. It is also pretty safe for small places like work and school I have never received a complaint about it. I consider this to be my part time signature smell and also not a lot of people wear it so I get plenty of comments when I do where it. Hey isn't that what we lady's all want anyway ;).

BONUS NOTE:If you can SPLURGE on the body cream its amazing on the skin and if your not a fragrance wear-er it has about 40% fragrance in it and you will get just as many compliments on it.

Sammi W. Team
signature scent worthy

I was looking for a signature scent for a long time after people told me that I always smelled like nut body butter (!!) uh, not what I'm trying to project -- and after a loooong search, Chloe is my favourite. It's clean, fresh, and pretty smelling, and it doesn't hurt to spritz some into your hair so when you flip it oh so casually people will comment on how nice you smell

eyTARA x.

This is my absolute favourite fragrance! Once i smelt it i had to have it! So sophisticated and classy I could get lost in this scent forever! Customers at work always compliment on how nice it is from smelling it on me & I've even sold one just from a customer smelling it!