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O.P.I. Nail Polish is one product that one would want to start a collection on. Their nail polish colors are very vibrant and complementary to any given skin tone. The product glides on easily and it also dries up fast. It also does not chip out fast, and it looks nice even in one coat usage. One thing that would be commendable about this product would be the fact that even if one does not use the polish that often, the consistency still remains the same. Therefore, this is one nail polish product that surely lives up to its name. :)

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Cheap and Chic!

The Wet N Wild Mega Protein Mascara is an amazing product to use if you are on-the-go. It does not only make your lashes look longer, but it also treats them to look fuller. Its mascara wand is easy to maneuver around your lashes, and it is also quick and easy to remove. The wand fills in all the gaps of your lashes in a way that it won&#39;t make your lashes look clogged out. Hence, this is one cheap and chic mascara to use for school, work or any other given occasion. :)

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Best Brush Cleaner Product!

This product is not only used for babies. Its gentle formula and slightly scented fragrance can be a dope for a brush cleaner. It easily cleans off the dirt, and leaves the brush clean and ready to use. However, in using it, one must always rinse off the product completely before leaving it out to dry. This will prevent one&#39;s skin from getting irritated. All in all, this is surely one cheap deal that can be used not only for babies, but for brush hair as well. :)

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Amazing :)

This may be quite a cheap deal for an eyebrow set, but the quality is amazing! It definitely lasts all day, and it glides on easily. It also blends well with your natural brows. This is surely a great deal if you are looking for a good product to fill in your brows. :)

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"It was okay, I guess?"

The ELF foundation brush is not that bad actually. Yes, it is quite hard to maneuver around the face, but once you get the hang of it, it&#39;ll be easier for you to use it. One tip that I can suggest to those who have this kind of foundation brush is to only put a little amount on your brush and then work your way through. :) However, if you cannot seem to work with this brush and use it for your foundation application, you can opt to use it to cleanse your face or give yourself a facial or so. :) It is easy to clean anyway. :)


This perfume has that strong distinct smell when you spray it. However, after a while, the strong smell goes away. Hence, it gives that musky smell that is very wearable for events or so. :) This is really a must buy product because it surely does entice you to keep on using it. Its easy to get hooked up to and the price is not that bad. :) Definitely a must buy product! Kudos Giorgio Armani, for this! :&gt;

I love love it. :>

If you are looking for a good eye shadow brush to start with, then this is the brush for you. This eye shadow brush can be used as either a crease brush or a blending brush because it easily glides on to your eye as you apply your shadow. Moreover, it is easy to clean so if you are using only one brush, you can get a tissue paper and wipe off any excess and proceed to your next color. This brush does wonder to any eye makeup especially for starters because it is not only affordable, but it is also of good quality. Therefore, this is really one highly recommended brush to use for any eye shadow application. :)

Absolute Favorite! <3 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I personally think that this has yet to also be the next best thing to Mac Lipsticks because the colors are not only vibrant but they also complement your skin tone. There is a variety of colors that can be worn either on a night out or just a simple day to day makeup look. It is also very well pigmented in its nature, hence it doesn&#39;t wear off easily if you drink with it on. Moreover, it is not only affordable, but also easy to find. There are a lot of NYX stalls all around the world, so if you are looking for a product that offers a variety of nude colors to very colorful ones, NYX has it. Hence, I say that if you are looking for a good lipstick to buy for either a friend or your personal use, this product is the solution to it. :)

Great Eye Primer! I love it!

Most people would have the notion that affordable eye primers such as this one would not be as good as either Mac&#39;s Prep+Prime or the Urban Decay Primer potion simply because of its price. However, the E.L.F Eye Primer is really a dupe for the two other expensive products because not only does it make your eye shadow color stand out, but it really does also help it to last longer too. Another good thing about it is that if you have worn it for more than three hours or so, you can see that the eye shadow has not creased at all and the colors are still very vibrant. Hence, this is really a very recommendable product to use especially for a night out or so because it&#39;ll really help a lot in bringing out your eye makeup. Moreover, it is very affordable and of good quality! :)

All time favorite!

The reason why this brush is simply an all time favorite of most makeup artists is because of its ability to blend eye shadows harmoniously. The brush is very light weight and easy to carry around on one&#39;s purse or makeup train case. The brush hair doesn&#39;t easily come off when you clean it and it dries up fast. You can use this brush to apply an eye shadow on and blend it using the same brush without it looking muddy. This product best works for people who love doing smokey eyes because it really gives that smokey effect! Hence, this is a highly recommended product for all makeup artists!

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