217 Blending Brush

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Maryam F.
Can't live without this...

I have a lot of brushes in my collection, but this MAC 217 Brush has to be one of the best brushes ever! I have THREE of them, and I always find I need more. I used this brush for everything. I blend my colours with this, when I want to apply a soft colour on my eyelid I use this, I use this to apply my highlight colour. Basically for everything.

Like someone has mentioned already, this is a great brush to blend your concealer as well! Yay.

I highly recommend this brush for someone who can't afford to get several brushes but can only get one.


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Oz Z.

Hands down THE BEST BRUSH from MAC. It works for everything: blending, concealer, highlighting, everything!! Its shape is perfection, works with every eye shape, every makeup design. Well worth the splurge and a must buy for every makeup artist and makeup lover

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Claire L.
All time favorite!

The reason why this brush is simply an all time favorite of most makeup artists is because of its ability to blend eye shadows harmoniously. The brush is very light weight and easy to carry around on one's purse or makeup train case. The brush hair doesn't easily come off when you clean it and it dries up fast. You can use this brush to apply an eye shadow on and blend it using the same brush without it looking muddy. This product best works for people who love doing smokey eyes because it really gives that smokey effect! Hence, this is a highly recommended product for all makeup artists!

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Mari W.
My go to eye brush.
Photo of product included with review by Mari W.

The MAC 217 (17 cm) brush was one of three of my first brush purchases. I’m happy to say that I still own and use the same brush I first purchased. It is my most important eye brush in my collection. Obviously, it is a fantastic blending brush. Its tapered top is excellent with getting into the crease and the semi-stiffness gives the right resistance with blending out colors. The brush works as well wet and dry eye shadows. Likewise, it’s great with power or cream products.

There are similar products to the MAC 217 ($22.50). Sigma has the E35 ($9) and Crown Brush has C433 (I paid $5.49) Sadly, I do not own the former and happily purchased the latter. I breathed a sigh of relief when my Crown C433 arrived, so much I relied on my MAC 217. Though I constantly use my Crown C433, I first grab my MAC 217.

There is one con with the brush. It is made of white goat hair. I would advise caution with using red or orange eye shadows. It’s ok to use them, just wash your brush immediately after use to keep from staining the hairs. Additionally, I would suggest reshaping the brush after washing either by using a Brush Guard or gently wrapping the brush head with paper towel.

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Siobhan O.
If it has to be 1 brush...make it this 1!

This brush deserves all the rave reviews and the price. If you only buy 1 MAC brush,make it this one. It's amazing. The first time I used it I couldn't believe how easy and effortless it was to use. My makeup looked like a professional had put it on! I don't know how it works but it just does! Eyeshadow is flawlwssly blended and beautifully faded out. I love it!

Ashley T.
Amazing!! Defiantly worth buying! Best blending brush

Wish id got this sooner!! Best blending brush I have tried, amazing results! Could not live with out it!! Gives a perfect blended look! Very soft! Worth every penny!

Theresa G.

Like many beauties out there in the makeup industry when you find a brush that work for you that is your baby. And with this brush a lot of companies have tried their best to duplicate it and many have come very close but there still is no other like the 217.

Harshita  P.
Excellent brush

Does what it promises. Blending colors is absolutely a breeze with this one. Is also pretty good with concealer application under the eyes. Only gripe I have is that the brush starts looking a bit dirty after a while even after deep cleaning etc. Due to the white bristles. But I wouldnt swap my 217 for any other blending brush!

Aj A.

I just love love love this little brush so much! The very first mac brush i purchased. Its a definite must have for every girls kit. Very high quality. No wonder almost all pro make-up artists are so inlove with this brush. Two thumbs up!

Nouran B.

I really like it, does the job, blends perfectly, perfect size, not too big, not too small. You definitely need brush guards for it, they will help it stay you favorite blending brush