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Mar 16, 2013

Julia R.

You have such a great attitude!

Apr 23, 2012

Brooke B.

hi please check out my youtube channel brookeheartsbeauty1

Mar 7, 2012

Niamh M.

Hey girl :) Followed you and subscribed to your YT channel, keep up the great work! xo

Thank you for following <3

Nov 26, 2011

Michelle L.

Hi Thanks for following! =)

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Claire L.

Location: Republic of the Philippines

Believe in yourself!

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About Me

I used to hate makeup and think of it as something unnecessary, but thanks to YouTube, my college friends, and of course, CAS, I learned to love it. Makeup is not something that women/men wear just to cover up any blemishes, rather its a step in bringing out one&#39;s inner beauty. Some would argue that wearing makeup is a waste of time and money, but as an economist, I think of it as an opportunity for success. Yes, it is found in external, but the confidence it gives you is something else.

This is why, as a makeup artist, I make sure that all my clients feel good about themselves even prior to applying any makeup on. I don&#39;t use that as a face to just get more clients. I know myself, and I know that makeup was the one that enabled me to write everything in this profile. I may not be a professional yet, but I strive my hardest to succeed and hopefully become a professional makeup artist someday.

♥ Claire Lingan

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Dry
Birthday: October 30
Age: 31


What is your ethnicity?
-> I am of the Filipino-Chinese race that would be mixed with a little bit of Spanish blood.

What is your Makeup Story?
-> Last summer of 2010, while browsing through some of the different channels on YouTube, I stumbled down on Juicystar07's channel. Surprisingly, I began to know what makeup was all about because all throughout my high school life, I didn't know how to apply makeup on. I honestly didn't even know how to put an eyeliner on my eye because I thought that it'll do something that I would regret.

However, I started loving makeup thanks to Blair (Juicystar07) of YouTube, and also other famous gurus such as Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty. Thanks to them, I was able to appreciate the idea of beautifying one's self. In fact, I even enrolled myself at a Makeup School, which is known to be the Center for Aesthetic Studies here in the Philippines. This school is also responsible in shaping my interest for makeup because I learned a lot of tips on how to actually apply makeup properly on one's face and take care of it.

Honestly at first, I used to have a notion that putting makeup on was a waste of time because it is not only expensive, but it can also harm your skin if you don't know how to use it. Nonetheless, as a person who now has a knowledge about Basic Makeup Artistry, I now say that with the right kind of products and really good makeup tools, you can transform yourself and others into something beautiful. Makeup can make you look awake if you're tired, fierce if you want to bring out yourself some more, and lastly, it can just bring out the best in one's self.

I say all of these because based on my experience, I found out what my career would be in the future. I didn't even see myself having a huge makeup collection at home, or even rimming an eyeliner on before I go out of the house. Hence, I really thank the people who influenced me in being a makeup artist because thanks to them, I feel confident enough to write this makeup story of mine and post it online. So keep in mind that makeup isn't something useless, it was brought to us in this world for women and men, for that matter, to feel good about themselves. :)

For clarifying purposes, I studied Basic Makeup Artistry for me to know how to put on makeup on someone else's face. With that knowledge, I was able to apply it to myself as well and expand my knowledge on makeup. Thank you. :)