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Awesome product

I love this stuff! This is my first day using it and I'm hooked :) It really takes off every last bit of makeup before my cleanse (and I use it after too!) and my skin feels super soft after using it!

Perfect for blemishes

This is such a HG product for me, it stays in place and is great for pinpoint concealing blemishes and other tiny imperfections. It helps a lot with a scar I have by my eye. I wish this were available in more countries, I got it while on vacation in Ireland because it doesn't exist in Italy :/ It also lasts a really long time, just make sure you clean it properly, as it can attract dust. Too dry for undereyes, so don't use it there (unless your skin is SUPER oily, but even then I wouldn't).

This is a great mascara

I love this mascara, it's my favorite go-to product that I've repurchased countless times. I love the small wand, it gets "in there". I use it in Blackest black, and I also like the waterproof formula, it holds a curl very well. It darkens, separates and lengthens my lashes. I do not like volume on my lashes so this is perfect for me. Volumizing mascaras get quite clumpy on me because my lashes are pretty long.

Love it as a base

I love this pencil. I've tried it in various ways and on me it doesn't last on the bottom waterline, it kind of melted down. It does last on the tightline and on my outer eye area (ya know, the parts that don't touch the eyeball). Perversion is so black it's unbelievable, it smudges nicely and then locks in place - you have to be quick! Some products you just have to learn to work with, and I think I did!

Brown for contouring

This is my new choice for cream contouring. I use the shade Deep Brown, I dab it LIGHTLY under my cheekbones and in the areas I want to recede, and I blend with a flat top buffing brush. I sincerely love this and it'll last me such a long time, too! Thjinking about getting more for Halloween and SFX makeup, we'll see how it holds up in that case.

Favorite concealer ever.

I use the shade NC35 in the summer and the shade NW25 in the winter, as my skin gets a little more rosy in the cold weather. I really love this product. It's not drying, it doesn't crease and it lasts all day without rubbing off...the dream! It's great applied with your fingers, but lately I've been applying it with the Sephora Pro Airbrush concealer brush no. 57 and it looks so flawless.


This shadow, in Baked, looks absolutely amazing, the pigmentation is stellar and it's such a beautiful color, a deep warm gold. I love this so much, I'm really impressed. Now I get the hype about Urban Decay.

My lips but better!

AMAZING Lipliner! I was looking for a lipliner that was "my lips but better" and this is THE one! It really glides on like the name suggests, and I'm very impressed with the lasting power. Awesome liner.

Loved it, but didn't repurchase

I truly loved this mascara. It worked amazingly for my long lashes. It wan't too wet and it separated and lengthened my lashes very well. I got a double package that contained a full version and a travel size for the price of one regular full size one, so I gave it a go and was impressed. I still have LOTS of mascaras to try in my stash, so I won't be repurchasing anytime soon. Maybe in a few years (yes, I have THAT many to try!)

I can't go back after trying this!

Nars blush in Gilda is, to me, the perfect matte coral blush. It goes on smooth, the packaging fells luxurious, the color is buildable. This is definitely my favorite blush ever. I'm not a huge fan of shimmery blushes, I prefer a matte one so I can decide whether I want a highlight or not every day (and place the highlight where I want it), and so my cheeks don't look like a disco ball. Wasn't a fan of Orgasm, WAY too shimmery. I might try some new ones in the future, but Gilda will be my true love forever <3

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