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Perfect mix of shades

Love! This is all I need to do my friends and family's makeup and mine too! I mix the different shades to create customized foundation colors for everyone! Love the workability of it, after you warm it up it's wonderful! And the coverage is buildable which I love. Really glad I have this palette!

Really gets in there

I really enjoy using this dual ended brush, one end is an angled brush with a scalloped edge to really saturate the lashline with color. The other end is a small pointy brush that I use to smudge it and blend it :) easy to use with a good grip too!


Oh. My. This brush is sent from heaven! Beware, this is a gateway drug to Japanese quality brushes. It's great for applying all powder products and, honestly, I like to just sit around and brush my face with it to relax. It's THAT soft. :) It won't disturb foundation, yet it's dense enough that it'll actually apply your product, not just pretend to. Really nice used only at the tip to blend bronzer or blush seamlessly.

Now I want more....Why oh why did I start?

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Favorite brow pomade!

If you don't have Aqua brow, you're missing out. I absolutely adore this product, I've been applying it with the MUFE double ended brow brush...but now I've upgraded to Wayne Goss brow set and they are a match made in heaven. I can use as little or as much as I want to create an undetectable gap-filling or for a bold brow, it can be as opaque or sheer as I want it to! Highly recommended.

I'm sold!

YES! Finally a brow brush that does what it needs to! Absolutely in love with this set, especially the brush since I'd never seen any made like this.

THE BRUSH The bristles are short like I like them , I've been looking for a brush like this for so long and Wayne, of course, didn't disappoint. Bravo, Wayne Goss! I use this brush to apply MUFE's Aqua Brow (absolute favorite eyebrow pomade in a sanitary & non-drying packaging) or to get an eyebrow pencil color down to the skin and not only on top of my fairly bushy brows. Everything about it is perfection! I can do light hair-like strokes, fill in, feather, make straight lines... The list goes on.

THE DOUBLE ENDED BRUSH I had never seen a similar brush made this well, with such thick bristles..not meaning the bristles themselves are thick, I mean that there's a lot of them. A great find, I'm glad the set came all together and not in separates or I wouldn't have found out what a difference it makes! One thing I would have changed- I would have used metal for the lash comb, but that's personal preference.

THE SPOOLIE I've been using a lot of different spoolies. Make Up For Ever's spoolie is super scratchy, unfortunately, but that's the best one I had, until I tried WG's. It's perfect right after applying Anastasia's clear brow gel, so I can brush my brows into place while they dry. It also doesn't disturb my makeup which is great!

I get the hype

This cream really does work wonders Only downside? The price. I absolutely love this but I got to try it only because I have a deluxe sample of it- very deluxe. I like it under makeup, it's a great prep cream and if my finances would permit it I'd surely always have this in my kit :)

I like this bronzer because it's not orange and it complements my olive skin when I tan- my face is usually lighter than my body so I like the two to match when I'm wearing short sleeves etc. I wouldn't use this to warm up my complexion, more so to deepen what's already there! ;)

Perfect size and essential shades

Love this palette and the fact that it comes with a primer and a brush is just awesome! The colors are varied, I can do lots of different looks with it. The mirror is nice and clear, I take this palette on all my trips because it's compact and it delivers- great pigmented neutrals, a bit of shimmery, a bit of matte. Just the right balance!

A good primer

This is a good, foolproof and affordable primer that I like to keep with me. I love that it doesn't feel to slippery but it still gives me that smooth canvas to work on :)


I'm not a huge fan of powder highlighters but let me tell you - this one is bomb! I love the perfect rose gold light it gives, it's also beautiful diffused over the whole face. I agree that this wouldn't be the best or fair skin, but on my medium to light olive skin it works magnificently! Tiredness is completely gone after using Dreamy Glow.

And the packaging s a super beautiful plus!

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