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The shimmers are dreamy!

I was so excited when I finally received the palette in the mail! I've been using it nearly every day since, and I wanted to get some use out of it before I reviewed it so here I am :) The color payoff is amazing for the shimmers, slightly less for the one matte shade (the dark brown) but still great. I love that the colors all go together, I can create a complete eye look with it. The specific colors of this palette (number 4) are so great for my medium olive complexion! All shades can be applied sheer or full on. The shimmery white is so shiny it looks like platinum! The warm gold is so sexy and applies like a dream. The rusty copper is smazing when I want that edgy look and it's definitely an attention-grabber! The matte dark brown is slightly less pigmented but works amazingly to define my lashline in a subtle way. The rosey champagne color is the bee's knees! I use this all over the eye for a no-makeup makeup, or in my inner corners, or just above my lash line. If I must be honest I use this shade LIGHTLY on my cheekbones too! It gives me that beam of light and it makes me look so healthy even when I'm sick! LOVEEEE.

Love it in solid form

I bought this a while ago and I adore using it when I'm traveling, especially by plane since I use it in solid form! It smells earthy, sweet, delightful and I think it would combine beautifully with a black tea fragrance to make it more complex and fresh. I highly recommend it for the winter. It lasta a very long time

Cement for my brows!

Yes! I will buy this again. Every other brow gel doesn't compare to this one. I was blown away by its performance. It tames my unruly brows and my cousin's even coarser, thicker ones. Brava, Anastasia!

Relieves dry skin & great primer

I was very skeptical when I first bought Embryolisse, so I got the small size and tried it out. I was totally wrong about it, it's wonderful for my skin and it's perfect under makeup. My skin type is combination: dry cheeks, normal forehead and chin, oily nose. This is a great basic hydrating cream. Does its job very well and I can't now I bought the bigger size and it's still small enough to travel by plane... Yay!

Very opaque!

This product applies smoothly and is very opaque on the skin. I have it in Deep Purple and I really like using it to create dark colorful looks in the evening. It's great when paired with a dark green to create a fun contrast of shades!

A win for me!

I love Hoola to warm up my face when my body doesn't match it perfectly :) definitely not a contour shade but a great matte bronzer! Blends really well too! Only negative- I hit pan quite quickly, it tends to come out very easily on my softest Wayne Goss brush. But the product is awesome!

Best for shorter lashes!

I like this product but I've been only using it for just a couple days. I'm pretty sure it would be best if I had shorter lashes because it really coats them well, but it can be a bit too much if I don't wipe it off first! Love the bristles, I like to "roll" when I apply it and the spiky end is very useful for the tiny lashes! All in all, a great product that I have to wipe off a bit :)

Natural and simple

Easy to use, I love that you don't need to sharpen it and the spoolie comes in very handy! It gives my brows a natural yet polished look. Great when I'm on the go :)


I need another 10 of these! I absolutely love the tightliner mascara :) I can do the most beautiful subtle "no-makeup" makeup looks with this. Love the innovative product, the skinny applicator is beyond perfect to reach the lashline! The only thing I'm sad about is that I can only use it on myself so I want many more to give to my friends. Love!

My favorite dewy setting spray!

I always use mist & fix to set my makeup and to remove the "powdery" look. It gives me that youthful glow while looking extremely natural! It's not for oily skin though! :)

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